Cocobolo Smoking, Olive wood

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by unclesmokie, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. unclesmokie

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    I'm trying smoking with olive wood today on chicken, pork  and a small brisket testing to see what it works on the best..have thrown it in my weber a couple times and it has a great flavor to it, so this time using olive exclusively.

    I'm a hobby woodworker and have used Cocobolo a couple times and IT has the most wonderful fragrance to it, has anybody tried it, and if a wood has a great fragrance when working with it would it more than likely work using it to smoke meats?

  2. Uncle smokie,

    I too have a woodworking shop and use cocobola a lot but I would never use it for smoking.

    For one it's to nice to burn but more importantly it's very oily and woodworkers are warned

    to wear mask as the dusk causes asthma-like symptoms in some cases.  I think olive wood is fine

    but the cocobolo should be save for furniture and turnings.  Just my opinion, wanting you to be safe.


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