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    NOT for the feint of heart or beginners.
    This stuff is by professional chefs.
    Some is foo foo but LOTS of wonderful cuisine here.


    The above is the newsletters w recipes - p.s. I forgot to say that the newsletters have a section of recipes but you have to do a small amount of looking to find em.

    Here is the main recipe page for them


    VERY UP scale stuff
  2. cowgirl

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    Thanks for the links V, I will check the recipes out. :)
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    I am impressed by someone who can take a pile of wood and build a house!

    I am impressed by someone with a handful of seeds producing a beautiful garden.

    I am impressed by the musician, the artist, the writer.

    I never see why, I impress people, chefs only make this kind of stuff, because there are bigger meaner chefs behind them with bigger knives just waiting to push them down.
    no artistry, just trying to stay the best until they relize they never were even in the running.

    wow, I never knew I was that jaded about being a chef.

    awesome site, lots of great recipes. don't get too into what they say, it just ego.[​IMG]

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