Cheap vacuum bags not being evacuated

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    I have a Foodsaver 3880 vacuum sealer that I bought from Costco a couple of years ago.  I have some el cheapo vacuum bags that I bought for this that were "supposed" to work, but they really don't.  The mesh isn't deep enough on the bags, and thus, the air isn't really evacuated very well at all.  The machine starts, but then the vacuum immediately stops and the bag is heat sealed.  This results in a bag that doesn't shrink around the foods, and the food is free to move around inside the bag.  The bag is sealed though. 

    Does anyone know, is this still good enough for short term storage, even though no air is being sucked out?  I mean, food is still sealed from any additional air entering the bag, but the air already inside isn't being sucked out. It's not the machine, it's the el cheapo bags.  Half tempted to just throw them out.  I do have some quality bags on the way from Vacuum Sealers unlimited. Can I still use these bags for short term storage?
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  2. For short term storage, they should work fine. They use the same concept as a ziplock bag.
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    Yep...Squeeze as much air out as you can before the cycle starts. They will be fine in the refer and a few months if frozen, longer if the freezer door is rarely open...JJ
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    What bags did you buy?
  5. vwaldoguy

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    They were from an Ebay seller a couple of years ago. 

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I will continue to use them for stuff that doesn't need to be frozen. 

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