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  1. Using my SFB on my Chargriller duo. I want to seal the lid on the main chamber on the duo so the smoke from the SFB will stay inside the main chamber.

    I tried to use Rutland 5/8 wood stove seal rope with their high -temp cement. I installed the seal slowly, clamping the seal in place as I went slowly around the chamber lid. It seemed to set and I started a fire to break it in and all went well.

    3 days later I went out to my grill, opened the lid, and the seal fell off!! the cement was wet like it just came out of the tube new.

    I screwed up at someplace in the install, not sure what it was. So what do you guys use to seal your lid better? Should I give Rutland a second chance?
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    When I got my Char-Griller I saw a post that used aluminum foil rolled up like a rope and used to seal the lid.  Not a permanent fix, not the best looking....but it seems to work.
  3. I used High Temp Red RTV. Still there after a year.

  4. sqwib

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    ditto, I used this on the firebox as well as the chamber

    order this, click on picture.


    Don't use this

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  5. SQWIB, thanks for the warning your dont't use this picture is exactly what I did use the first time. Stuff is weird cuz it hardened and was fine then few days later it was just nasty slime.

    I will use the RTV this next time. I hope it comes in black!
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    Odd, the black stuff gets hard like cement.

    Its ok to fill in cracks in fireboxes and stuff (where there is no movement)
  7. My lid seal. Stove rope and red RTV. Bolted 2 pieces of angle iron to the side and laid the rope in the track.


  8. flier

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    thanks guys thaat is what i bought and going to try.
  9. flier

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    the high temp rtv is what i it at advanced auto parts.
  10. I'm having a hard time how to mount this stuff. Feel like it should have been easy. I don't want to go drilling holes into it.

    I guess I will try to bond the seal onto the lid again this time using RTV.
  11. What's wrong with drilling holes?
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    I just oiled the bottom part of the chamber where the lid hits and applied the silicone to the lid closed and let sit overnight.

    The firebox I just siliconed the rope in place.

    I'll see if I got pics
  13. [​IMG]Ok guys I really need help. My front of the grill sealed beautifully using the large fiberglass rope. The side has such a huge gap, even after the rope was installed.
    I installed the flat fiberglass seal on top of the rope(on the sides only) hoping it would reach farther over and finish the seal. Ya it didn't work, it's still gushing smoke out the sides. Without the seals, the gap between the grill body and hood is the size of my index finger.

    HELP!! Should I really mount angle iron on the sides??? What are most people doing???
  14. I added angle iron on the right side to get a good seal. The left side is left with just the gasket because it harder to get to.

    I may take the lids off to paint, then may add angle iron to the left.

    anyone ever re-engineer the lid? it leaks so bad I may take to a local welder and see if I can put a lip on the sides. if nothing else, something the gasket can stick to and seal better with.

    Just my thought
  15. Mine doesn't leak at all. When I bolted the angle iron on it straightened out the tub. The lid I didn't do anything to except add the rope on the front and back.

    I'll post a better pic tomorrow.
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  16. Alelover, yes please put up a pic for me to compare to.

    Appreciate it!
  17. Here ya go Nutt.


    I RTVd the fire rope to the back of the tub right at the top then shut the lid to let the RTV set up. It also flattened out the rope  to attain a perfect seal.


    Bolted two 1/2 x 1/2 angle iron together and bolted it to the side of the tub. It really helped straighten the side of the tub.


    Then RTVd the rope in the track.



    See how it's dark on the inside and not dark on the outside of the rope. Good seal.


    Hope this helps.
  18. flier

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    good looking pics. the red rtv silicone sealant is what i used. did a smoke yesterday and the sealant work great. also used my maverick remote therm for a great smoke.
  19. Alelover, I went ahead and drilled some holes and put on angle iron on outside of tub where lid closes. It should work good now! I should have followed your instructions earlier!!

    just curious why you have the screw philips head on the left of your gauge?
  20. It holds the tube in place that extends the smokestack to the grill surface.


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