Charcoal Chimney Modification

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dwhite1031, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. dwhite1031

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    It was difficult to pour the hot lump charcoal from my charcoal chimney into the firebox on my Old Country BBQ Over & Under & get it all in without losing some or worse having some near misses getting burned. So to solve this dilema, I took a roll of 12" roof flashing, cut it to form a scoop shape, & used rivets to attach it to the outside of the chimney. This made it a lot easier to pour out the lump charcoal into the firebox now.

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  2. Nice, consider your idea stolen [​IMG]

    Just today I lost a piece of hot lump through the bottom of the chimney onto my wood deck, on the way to a grill. So I'll be making something to catch drop outs from the bottom as well. Maybe something that snaps on the base before crossing the deck?
  3. foamheart

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    Woot! Summer Mummurs !!   The Nairobi Country Club!! The Angels!

    Nice engineering!
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    I built one a little bigger a few years ago to get charcoal into the center of my WSM. I just screwed a piece of stove pipe onto my charcoal chimney. Here it is.

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  5. lemans

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    Funny. I am in the middle of an overnight smoke and I said to myself , there has to be a way to add wood/ charcoal into the middle of my smokey mountain.
    Great idea
  6. cliffcarter

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    Just take a cheap foil pan and hold it under the chimney during transport.[​IMG]
  7. dwhite1031

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    Smokin' Al: Nice! Now that's a charcoal chute! :biggrin:
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  8. dwhite1031

    dwhite1031 Smoke Blower

    Ditto on the aluminum pan or an aluminum pie pan :biggrin:
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  9. dwhite1031

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    Summer Mummers are still going strong, Nairobi Country Club aka Price's BBQ closed in 2009 right after Mrs. Williams passed away, & the Angels are now the Midland Rockhounds. They play in a fancy ballpark in the Scharborough Sports complex off W Loop 250. The old Christianson stadium was revamped & its the home field for Midland College. Miss the old places....guess I'm gettin' old.

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