CHAR-BROIL POS THERMOMETERS- dug this up from google-

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    [​IMG]Letter to CHAR-BROIL about POS thermometers!
    Greetings Char-Broil,
    I would like to file a complaint about your thermometers. The model is 4838. I have purchased a total of four of these at my local Home Depot and they were all off from 30 to 40 degrees! This is just insane! How can a company that makes millions of grills sell such crap! It simply doesn't make any sense to me at all. I can see how a cheap thermometer could be off 2 to 4 % but not 40 degrees! I follow strict guidelines as most of us serious smokers do and I need good thermometers. I've smoked 40 butts in the past 7 months with inferior gauges! Last week I purchased a Wika gauge that is within 1% of true temperature and discovered how far off your gauges were. I'm asking that Char-Broil take these off the shelves and replace them with a satisfactory unit. YOU ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF GRILLS FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!
    I purchased two guages in April of 08 and two more the 1st of December so I feel that all of the #4838 gauges are inferior.
    I purchased those gauges for my Char-Broil Double Door smoker that has its own issues that I won't go into at this time.
    XX ***X

    PS, I'm mailing you a letter because your web page would not send it!!
    You DO NOT furnish a good email address suitable for this letter. I will call Tuesday with this concern and will send more copies as departments and heads of departments are identified.

    I may have not posted this but I have not received a reply from this company! I will think twice before I ever buy anything with the name, CHAR-BRIOL again!
    Double Door, SFB
    Weber Natural Gas

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