Burnt ends are ohhh so good!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by radio, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. radio

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    Picked up a 14 pound packer yesterday and planned to smoke it Sunday, but had an unexpected change of plans.  I hopped in the truck to go into the shop this morning and a couple miles from the house I see 4 police cars parked on the bridge with lights going.

    Seems the river was rising very rapidly and parts of the road was under water down stream from the bridge, so I turned around and fired up the smoker.

    I hadn't done burnt ends in a long time, so I separated the point from the flat and trimmed it up really well, salt and peppered everything and had them going by 9:00.  I made some beans and chopped up some of the flat to put in for an added kick.  I had also bought some fresh, vine ripened Arkansas maters (tomatoes;-) to go with the brisket and the burnt ends were to die for!

    sorry no Q view.  was to darned hungry to mess with a camera[​IMG]
  2. frosty91

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    So did you separate the point from the flat before smoking? I'm new to briskets... Got my first one on as we speak for Father's Day, I trimmed mine up a day and half ago and separated the point and flat before smoking, hope I didn't mess up
  3. heubrewer

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    Burnt ends area wonderful treat. I chopped up an entire brisket the last time I cooked one and made "burnt ends" out of the entire packer.
  4. radio

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    Yes, I separated the point and trimmed most of the outside fat away as "bark" doesn't form on fat very well.  The point will likely need a couple hours more time than the flat and a probe inserted into either should feel almost no resistance going in.  wrap in foil and put in an ice chest (with no ice) to let rest an hour or so before serving.

    One of my favorites is to save the drippings, let cool to skim off the fat, put in a sauce pan with some beef base added and make a gravy to go over mashed potatoes and even the meat.  Yummmm!

    Good luck on your smoke and happy Fathers day everyone

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