Building an enclosure for my MES30.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by sofasloth, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. sofasloth

    sofasloth Newbie

    I got a new 30 on Amazon Prime Day.  I want to leave it outside, but I want it to be safe and dry when not in use.  I'd like to build a small wooden box around it, like the one in this thread (just smaller):

    Do I need to use pressure treated lumber for the inside framework, or can I use normal lumber?  I will be sealing the outside wood.  The inside framing of my shed is not pressure treated (none of the sheds I have seen are), so I would think that as long as the outside of the box is treated for water resistance, I don't need to worry about the inside.  It will also be up off the ground on casters, so no direct ground contact for the wood.
  2. barryvabeach

    barryvabeach Fire Starter

    You can use regular wood, Pressure treated would last longer, though if the exterior is watertight, and the framing is not in direct contact with the ground, you should be fine with conventional lumber. 
  3. sofasloth

    sofasloth Newbie

    I guess I'll revisit this next Spring.  For now I got one of the Hickory covers from Amazon.  I have too many other projects to finish before I start building another one. 

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