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  1. i have been searching and searching i cant find many threads about the brinkmann square vertical smoker 59 bucks at walmart i thought what the heck 59 bucks ill give it a try and if i like smoking ill upgrade in a few years i just bought one a few weeks ago and only smoked once.... nothing fancy ribs and a fatty so i didnt post pics and it was my first time ever smoking. I was wondering if there was any mods people did? i need to do somthing about the charcoal pan thinking about trying the grilling wok meathod. dont really want to drill into the pan right now and ruin it or anything. any other mods i can try? is there any threads anyone knows of besides the propane converson? i was also wondering i used royal oak lump charcoal because from what i read thats all i thought you could use but can i use briquittes instead? thanks for your time and help im very glad to have found this site it made me buy a smoker to try it
  2. vlap

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    The square wok is the answer you are looking for. It has made smoking in my brinkmann vertical so much more enjoyable.
    Drilling holes does work but not nearly as well as the wok.

    Yes you can use the briquettes as well.
  3. awesome thanks for the help and your time I greatly appreciate it
  4. vlap

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    No problem. I was really struggling with temps in the smoker and the long cooks were killing me due to ash build up. The wok took care of both. The ash drops out easily and with that you get better airflow resulting in higher temps in the smoker. I find I use less fuel as well. I had bought sand for the waterpan but haven't used it since the temps are so high.

    This one change makes the brinkmann vertical a very good smoker.
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    Spam reported
  6. thanks for your help i really appreciate it. yea i seen the good eats show the smoking episode and he made one outta clay pots...... hes so dumb the stuff he comes up with its like yea ok...... but yea it was gonna be like a hundred bucks in parts got a decent smoker for 59 dollars so i couldnt pass it up eventally im gonna do the propain converson. but i just wanted to get my foot in the door and see if i like it or could do it.

    whats spam reported mean? is that somthing on my end?? thanks
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    Spam reported was in reference to someone else who came in here and a bunch of other threads posting links to some garbage site. That post was removed.

    With the wok basket you keep such good heat I wouldn't even worry about a conversion.

    If down the road you decide to look for another smoker keep in mind craigslist. There are good deals on smokers there quite often.
  8. richtee

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    No sir...some slug had attached a SPAM reply to this thread nothing to do with you :{)

    Glad the Brinkmann's gonna work out. It's a good "smoker for the masses" apparently!
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    not to revive a dead thread (is it dead?) I have the square brinkmann box, and I can give an easy few suggestions for cheap. I took out the hanging rack for my firepan, and just set the firepan on the bottom of the unit. It's gets airflow from the vents, and didn't require any new parts for me.I never have problems with ash-choked fires anymore, and I stopped burning charcoal at all in it. I use wood. seasoned pecan and mesquite, I start small wood twigs and such in the pan, then set a pair of larger pieces (usually long enough to bridge the firepan) with an airspace between them. the logs themselves help moderate the temperature without me having to adjust the vents for the most part, and with the airspace running 'across' the smoker (from vent to vent) the coals don't suffer at all.

    I do have the water pan, and since I use it for flavored steam (or to catch meat drippings for au jus) I swapped out the pan that was in to another one, a gallon capacity stainless steel mixing bowl, which has been a wonder and a joy to use. (as far as water pans go)

    I've had this little monster for about 6 years, and I'm planning on upgrading soon, as I'm one that uses his equipment to death. I've replaced the thermometer with another one, which helped, but that was about a year in, and other than that I've made no mods. I figured this was always a bit of a 'throwaway', and that if I could learn to regulate a fire and regulate my temps in this thin, flimsy, leaky, semi-shoddy...[​IMG][​IMG]:icon_exclaim :[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]....the n I could learn to bbq anywhere. And since I've taken up wit this thing, I've learned how to do in clay pots, holes in the ground, a smokehouse...

    Never underestimate what a clever man can do with simple tools, or what a simple man can do with clever tools (no offense to any of you grand pitmen who have very good equipment, btw) and when dealing with the...'cheaper' end of the spectrum, we have to be very creative and clever.

    It's not a 'bad' box, and a good one to start training, but if you're like me, and smoke at least once a week, you start to feel a little restrained by it. I've developed a bit of a love-hate relationship with mine.

    That being said, if you can learn in this box, which is fiddly for temp control and fire handling, you've got a couple of really good skills.

    Good luck and congrats!
  10. thanks for the help and suggestions i took a break for a bout 2 months from messing with this thing..... good ol money issues hehe but i think im gonna give it another try saturday. had good results my first time so im happy with it and i know they will only become better. thanks again greatly appreciated for the help and your time.
  11. hacksaw

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    Ok, I have the same brinkamn, where can I find a "square wok" I have a butt and a brisket to do over the next weeks vacation and if I can save on charcoal consumption that would be great!
  12. mrsb

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    I got mine at Lowes. It was like $10
  13. hacksaw

    hacksaw Smoke Blower

    Thanks for the lead!
  14. vlap

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    Lowes for me as well.
  15. pinkmeat

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    Home Depot has the exact same one for $10 as well. The local True Value Hardware has a Weber stainless version for about $20-25. I think in th elong run it may hold up better than the ones from Lowes or Home Depot which are coated in some black non-stick (I'm guessing) finish. I have probably used the wok ten or less times and it has a little surface rust like the coating is leaving.

    For ten bucks, you can't beat any of them for the perfect charcoal bowl. It will solve any temp issue you ever thougth about having.
  16. irish

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    I hope there's no penalty for re-reviving this old thread [​IMG] , but I just wanted to thank those contributors who recently influenced my decision to jump in on a $59 BSV. A newbie can't beat that style for that price. I still need to find the square stainless wok, but I am going to hit my local True Value on my way home tonight.


    I found spare parts on Brinkmann's website so I can add a couple more racks for ribs and fish if I want to:

    So thanks to all and I plan on smoking something this weekend. [​IMG]
  17. crusty ol salt

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    The GOSM mods will also work on your brinkmann, the same is true on cooking tips and water pans tips.
  18. I have 2 of these smokers now. A single door converted to propane with a turkey fryer burner and a 2 door for charcoal. Instead of the square wok I used a stainles steel pasta strainer from Wal-Mart. $6.95 for the strainer and $8 from Home Depot for a 14.25 inch flower pot saucer to catch the ash that falls out. My charcoal lasts 3 times as long now and the heat is much easier to control.
  19. irish

    irish Fire Starter

    I will check out the GOSM mods. And the flower pot saucer ash pan is a great idea. Thank you both.

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