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  1. Hi folks,

    I am looking into purchasing my first smoker. I am currently looking at the electric Bradley 4 rack. I have read a mixture of reviews to the point of my head exploding. I would very much appreciate some feedback from users on the above machine. Thanks for reading.

    Happy New Year,

  2. I bought one a couple of years ago and my friend bought the 6 rack.

    Both of us have had nothing but trouble. door falling off and cracking, digital box died, temp sensor, element troubles etc. Both units.

    At first Bradley was great but then nothing. They assured me that if I had anymore troubles they would look after me due to problems from the start but of course they are not honouring that now.

    Going to throw it in the garbage and look for a QUALITY smoker and company that actually stands behind their product.

    Just my opinion
  3. nepas

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    I have had my Bradley for 10 years and have 0 problems. I went through 5 MES-POS

    Bradley has the best CS out there.
  4. I bought a Bradley Original smoker and it broke after during the third use. The hopper kept feeding discs into the smoker. The problem is a known issue on the manufacturer website and they refused to return or refund my item. Their customer service is absolutely horrible. Stay away from Bradley Smokers.

    I have email threads showing them not taking accountability for their cheaply made product. They refused to call me and they emailed me faulty directions on how to fix the product.
  5. tuttle

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    I personally have a Bradley digital 4 rack smoker. I love it. Set it and forget it. Meat is always great and I have had it for about 2 years without any problems
  6. Tuttle, what kind of Bradley Smoker do you have? Have you ever had to work with customer service. The issue I have is with a defective switch that feeds the disks into the smoker. It is a known issue on their website and they have a set of instructions on how to fix it yourself but it still doesn't work.

    I have heard and read numerous complaints about this very issue and Bradley refuses to fix the product or improve quality control of their product.

    Do you have any other smoker you use? I basically just wasted $330 on a horrible product, I need to buy a new one.
  7. tuttle

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    I. Have the 4 rack digital Jim beam edition. I have not had to deal with ccustomer service. It had been th best smoker since I opened the box. In the past I had a propane brinkmann but I upgraded because of the ease of use
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  8. nepas

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    I Never had any issues with the smoker and NEVER WITH BRADLEY CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    I know 1st hand that Bradley has replaced parts and whole smokers without question.

    I have the original 4 rack, digital 4 and 6 rack, propane and new 2 rack.

    So final word

    I think your full of BS
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  9. I also have the four rack bradley. Really easy to set up season and smoke. It has been great. I even did a 16# Turkey! The one con I have so far is preheating time. Turning on the smoke element with out brisquetts has helped but I plan 1hour min to get a steady temp.
  10. sb59

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    So far 3 for and 3 against. May as well flip a coin.
  11. disco

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    I've had my Bradley for 18 months and have had no problem with it. I have two friends who have Bradleys and have had no problem with them.

  12. daron jake

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    I had a Bradley Smoker generator attached to an old refrigerator that I used continually for about 2 years until it was blown away by a tornado. Only problem I ever had with it was when it was below zero it didn't want to feed pucks. I didn't take it personally because I really don't want to work outside when it's below zero myself :) never had an opportunity to speak to their customer service, tornado damage is not covered.
  13. drock

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    hello, I have a six rack bradley digital smoker and two propane smokers. personaly i wish I hadnt purchased the bradley.  I found it takes for ever to get up to temp and cant hold the temp. my favorite is my masterbuilt extra wide propane smoker
  14. I support your decision to get an electric smoker as your first smoker over a propane, charcoal, or stick burner. I have had propane and charcoal smokers before and found that electric is much easier to use (for many reasons) and the results can arguably be just as good. Notwithstanding occasional 'horror stories' from some members on both the MES and Bradley , I think you will find many users of either the MES or the Bradley are happy with their reliability and performance for the money invested. There is always a chance of getting a lemon but significantly better electric smokers will cost significantly more too. I personally chose the MES and AMNPS combination over the Bradley mostly to avoid buying pucks and avoid the mechanical puck feeder mechanism, rather that any perceived difference in reliability or smoking capability. Plus I like the MES's window on the door. Just my thoughts....
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  15. disco

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    Just for information, I use an AMNPS with my Bradley for longer smokes.
  16. It looks like I am a little late getting back to Mr. Pig Face/lord of the internet/guy I have never spoken too. I am honored that he chose his 5200th post to speak about something he knows nothing about. If he stepped away from from this forum for a minute and checked out the Bradley website he would discover that the problem I had was a KNOWN ISSUE. The CSR sent me the wrong directions on how to fix it (why am I expected to fix a $300 product that I bought two weeks prior?) and voided my warranty because I didn't keep the box for the product.

    Maybe I'm the dumbass, and not Pig Face, because I expected a $300 product to work for more than three uses. I have since bough a different smoker and left a positive review for them on Amazon. I will not name my new smoker because I don't want it to appear like I am trying to persuade anyone from purchasing a Bradley product. I am merely sharing the experience I had with the company.

    PS. Why is it the number 1 review for Bradley about how they do such a great job shipping new parts to replace defective ones? Why do so many new units have defective parts? Why can't they ship a product that works the first time, and every time? Why charge a premium price for a cheap, Chinese made product?
  17. disco

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    Ah, I do love the banter of a good argument, witty repartee, clever arguments. However, this is abusive. If you disagree, just say so. No need to get personal or use name calling. We're all here to learn, discuss and have fun. Not to attack or be attacked. Take a pill.

  18. tuttle

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    Disco! You nailed it right on the head! Thank you
  19. demosthenes9

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    Disco,   I think that his post was probably in response to this one:
    Personally, I thought his response was fairly measured and tame.   Someone tells me that they think I'm full of BS, I'd reply by saying "GFY"    :)
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  20. bigwheel

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    I have an ex pal who peddles the things. He clowns around with them a lot. He says the gizmos cook good but the proprieteary hockey puck things which make them huff can be hard to find and they cost an arm and a leg. He say it takes 18 pucks for brisket. I been tryng to devise a plan to clone the pucks. Looks like sawdust and Elmers glue to the untrained eye. Them Canadians are pretty good tricksters eh? He dont sell them any more. A person coulda bought em cheap and stacked em deep when he got sick of messing with em.

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