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  1. ANYONE>>?? done a BEAR smoke...? I
  2. walking dude

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    i can't help a silly mood......
    but YOU opened the door.......i am just going to walk thru it

    i try to smoke wearing clothes..........

    sorry no.........but i know bear can be problems sometimes with parasites and such

  3. dawgwhat

    dawgwhat Smoke Blower

    I didn't smoke it, but I did grill a hind quarter about a year ago

    just rubbed it in black pepper and let it cook and like walking dude said you have to cook it to 180 I belive

    man that was good stuff,how I'm hungery [​IMG]
  4. monty

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    Not lately! However there is a pair of excellent threads in the Wild Game forum on the subject. Look up a thread started by BigDaddyViking67. I helped him out on that one.

    Any further questions give me a holler!

  5. WD...that was TOO easy! Hey...Maybe an idea for a new t-shirt

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