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  1. Okay, so I have been smoking the general stuff for years, bird, pork, beef, but not until I came to this forum have I heard of ABT. So is the pepper just stuffed with cheese and then wrapped in bacon? How long do they stay in the smoker and what temp. I've done the same type of thing in the oven and a couple of times on the grill, but never thought to smoke it. DUH!
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    Lee -

    It can be stuffed with just about anything. Most seem to like cream cheese and smoked fatties or shrimp all wrapped in bacon. Great Stuff!

    Take the seeds and pit out first!
  3. Do you just smoke it until the bacon is done at the temp of whatever else you are smoking?
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    Smokin -
    First, go to the gallery of pics from the 1st Annual Gathering to see pics of fine ABT's. Note the neat ABT racks, available at Lowe's.
    Second, get some pepper plants in the ground and treat them REALLY nice so you get a bunch of peppers. They grow well down there in AR.
    In the meantime, buy some jalapenos, cut the top off or slice top to bottom down the side. Remove seeds and membranes, unless you like more heat. Stuff with whatever you like, wrap in bacon & secure with toothpicks, smoke with whatever else you are smoking three hours or so. Careful eating them straight off the smoker, the stuffing is at smoker temp.!!!
    Tear into them with the "cool beverage of your choice". ENJOY![​IMG]
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    i stuff mine with cheddar cheese. today i made some with a slice of pepperoni and colbyjack cheese.
  7. DeejayDebi,

    Thanks for the link. That list is great.
  8. Thanks PeculiarMike.

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