A Stall.... AT 204???????

Discussion in 'Pork' started by dasmoker, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. dasmoker

    dasmoker Smoke Blower

    So I am smoking a 7.75 lb bone in pork shoulder.  I did not probe it until the 4 1/2 hr mark. When I probed it, it was at 150.  As the afternoon progressed it never hit a stall. I was taking it to 205.  Well it hit 204 and then it stalled. I have never seen a piece of meat stall at so late a temp.  In about 5 minutes its been on for 11 hours.  It has actually dropped 4 degrees and is sitting at 200.

    I am using my Traeger wood pellet smoker, so the temps are nice and steady, no drops, no big spikes. I am also using 2 brand new probes, as I was having problems with my old ones.

    I know some of you may say I could take it off at anything past 195, and while true, when it hit 195 and hadn't stalled and hadn't been on nearly as long as I thought it would take, I decided to take it all the way to 205.  And now that it has dropped to 200, I am really interested in seeing where this goes, and am determined not to take it off till 205.

    So have any of you had a stall at 204 or such a high temp before?
  2. brokenwing

    brokenwing Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    that is interesting, never happened to me at such a high temp.  Keep us posted, im curious how long it takes to climb again.
  3. dasmoker

    dasmoker Smoke Blower

    And I forgot to mention, it was foiled and sprayed at 165.

    So it is still sitting at 199.9 as of now. 
  4. flash

    flash Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Either way, I say its done.
  5. dasmoker

    dasmoker Smoke Blower

    Actually i disagree. It hit 204 at 6:50 last night.  That was only just over 9 hrs in the smoker. I have never seen a almost 8 lb pork shoulder finish in that length of time. So I do not believe it was pullable at that time had I pulled it off.  It stayed stalled (dropped as low as 199) for 3 hours, then began to rise again.  It finally finished after about 14 total hours, which falls right in line with about how long it takes to finish a shoulder that big.

    I let it rest overnight, and am about to go pull it, so I will let you all know how it turned out in a bit.
  6. mballi3011

    mballi3011 Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member


    I would also agree with Flash and say that thing is done and to take it out and into the cooler. The temps we give you for your smokers is just a ballpark. 1 or 2 degrees are not going to make a differance in the outcome in any way.
  7. flash

    flash Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    That is a dang long time. I've done a 8 1/2 lb Boston Butt in my GOSM in 7 1/2 hours and it pulled great. After foiling at 170º I did boost my temps up to 290º though. Pulled without a hitch. Of course all smokers are different, but general rule is you should be able to pull at 200º with no real issues. You were there consider the +/- error in you meat thermometer.
  8. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Unless I'm mistaken, I had a Chuckie stall at 142˚. Now what would you do if that stall was at 135˚ or less?

    Would you throw the meat away if it stalled in the danger zone, and stayed in it for long enough to keep it in the danger zone a half hour or hour more than the 4 hour deadline???

    Or is there a rule that says, if you keep cooking it for so many hours at a certain heat after that danger zone, it fixes it??

  9. biaviian

    biaviian Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    I had a stall at 190 before.  It sat there for a good hour.  I like to take them to 200-205 so I waited it out.  This was foiled, in an oven at 250-260*F
  10. dasmoker

    dasmoker Smoke Blower

    I have never smoked a pork butt or a pork shoulder and come out under an hour per pound, ever. 

    Anyway, there is no way that the shoulder would have been pullable had I pulled it when it first reached 204, and stalled.  Because I smoked it for 6 more hours, and I just pulled it, and it came out awesome. I just do not believe that six hours previous it would also have been done. I know what the temps said, but its just hard for me to believe. 

    A couple of weeks ago, with my old probes, I had a shoulder go all the way to 200 without a stall, when it hit 200 I took it off. I foiled it, toweled it and rested it in a cooler for 2 1/2 hours.  It was not pullable at all.  Thats when i decided I had bad probes, so I got new ones. Then with the new ones, I get the same thing, but I get the stall at 204.  So whether there is something wrong with all of my probes, or what, I don't know, but I know had I pulled that sucker off after only 8 hours, it was not going to be pullable.  I am glad I waited, because it is really moist and tender.

    Thanks guys.
  11. biaviian

    biaviian Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Any chance the probe was touching the bone?
  12. dasmoker

    dasmoker Smoke Blower

    No. I made sure of it, and after the pork butt I smoked was done, I added my other new probe to the shoulder in a different location as confirmation.
  13. lugnutz

    lugnutz Smoking Fanatic

    The last butt I cooked stalled high but not that high, somewhere around 185 or so it just stopped!  Meat is a funny thing.
  14. rw willy

    rw willy Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    I had a weird stall once.  I had pushed the meat to far back into the GOSM and a quarter size spot was touching the wall.  Everything went well until I got to 180ish.  I had chosen not to foil(long story).  But, it was 15 F outside.  That touch must of sucked out the heat at that point.  Yes it was raw pork in a 2 inch radius out from that spot.

    Very mad at myself.

    Live and learn.
  15. cliffcarter

    cliffcarter Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    You can tell a lot about the whether the pork is done by how the probe goes into the meat. If they slide in with no resistance, with a sponge like feel, then the meat is done and pullable no matter what the temp probe says. This past Easter I cooked a 9 1/2 lb butt, at 12 hrs I took its temp- 178F, at 14 hrs-181F, at 15 hrs-182.8F and the probe slid in easily at 14hrs and 15 hrs. I knew from experience that the butt would pull just fine. Obviously there are times that temps just don't tell the whole story. 

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