2nd smoke: Pulled Pork

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  1. For my second smoke I decided to make a 10# bone in pork butt from the local butcher. I aimed to get the butt in the smoker on saturday at 5am and see when it would take me to. I ended up using the renowned mr brown recipe from smoke & spice and rubbed the butt friday night and let sit in the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap for about 10hrs. Woke up and got the WSM goin and the meat went on at around 8am, a little later than expected. 

    Here's a pic of the rubbed meat all artistic in the morning light.

    During the day my temperatures were pretty consistent and steady between 230-240. I used natural lump charcoal which i have been pretty happy with along with apple and hickory chunks. Honestly the smoke went really well with some refills of charcoal. Where it became a bit of a pain was at night once the temperatures dropped and wind picked up a bit. I had a struggle with temps but i was able to get it under control and deal. The stall was so unbearable but I said I would not wrap and waited it out. It took a total of 19hours and 51 minutes to bring it up to 199 degrees before i threw in the towel and needed to get some sleep as I had work 2 hours later. I took it off let it sit in foil for another hour and 15minutes and pulled my delicious piece of meat.

    Here's the meat after taking it out of the smoker

    Clean Bone

    and finally pulled

    Overall it came out AMAZING! easily the best pulled pork i've ever tasted which is surprising and so so moist. Others have given me great compliments on it too so I guess it was pretty good. It was long and tedious and brought me into the wee hours of the night but in the end... I can't wait to do it again and smoke a ton more. Very excite about this new hobby of mine. Please ask me anything and give any advice you have. I'm still very new to smoking and charcoal in general and am looking to perfect my craft.

    Happy smoking!

    bonus picture of my midnight chimney

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  2. [​IMG]

    That is a fine looking butt! glad you stood strong and didn't us the foil.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Thank you! and thank you for your advice on my previous post! I was not expecting it to take 20hrs but it was well worth the wait!
  4. I normally figure a 10 LB butt will be finished, rested and ready to eat 24 hours later at 225° if it gets ready early I can hold the temp that long in a cooler. I have never had people looking at me hungry using that approach.

    Happy smoken.

  5. Nice Job, Looks great,  good looking pics    [​IMG]


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