288 Gal Propane Tank RF Build

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by blackbarkbbq, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. blackbarkbbq

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    I am picking up my salvaged tank this weekend.  its a 288 gal tank, its roughly 8' long and almost 31" in diameter.  I currently looking for a trailer to mount this mini sub to.  i know will have questions as this build goes on.  I have read other threads about different builds and i like how everyone is so eager tot help one another.   Cheers

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  3. blackbarkbbq

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    Thanks Dave,  i have used it already i have some questions later about the math and the numbers i got.   

    My first question for y'all is:  when it comes to trailers are twin axle better then a single rated for 3600LBS?  my tank weights roughly 700-750lbs.    and according to Dave's calculator i need to build a 36"x36"x36" FB. my first instinct is go bigger on the trailer just to be sure you have room and it can take the weight.  i plan to build a storage box for wood, add a tool box for utensils and rubs and such.   a large work surface for prep.
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    Alright y'all the tank has soaked and been flushed.  i didn't know it would stink that bad.   I had to give my neighbor a card and gift card for the nasty smell.    any who   the bottom drain is installed and on Saturday i hope to cut the door and do a burn to make sure everything is gone from the tank.   My next question is Hinges.   Im planning on cutting the door but leaving the corners connected until i get the hinges attached that way the door stays nice and square.   Should i get custom Hinges or will Heavy Duty Hinges from Lowes/Home Depot Work well?

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  6. blackbarkbbq

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    Any idea how long i should do a first burn inside the tank to kill off any nasty smells?
  7. blackbarkbbq

    blackbarkbbq Fire Starter

    I filled the tank with water, Dawn Soap, and Bleach for the smell for 2 days  Drained  refilled with more soap, and then 15# of baking Soda  Let that sit for a few a day and Drained again.  Do think this was long enough to purge and hazardous chess out?   when I cut the tank i am going to fill it again with water.  Any suggestions will be great  i hope to cut the door this friday 1/9/15.  then do a burn out of the tank.
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    You should be good to go now, if the tank is running over with water, all the gas has been displaced.
  9. blackbarkbbq

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    Thanks for advice!
  10. Here is my 2 cents

    I work at a natural gas compressor station, and we deal with gas in pipes that need cut and welded very often. feel free to PM me with any questions

    Here is a quote from my build of what i did just a few days ago(the next one I will just fill with water then drain and cut)

    On the topic of propane tank flush witch is always a hot topic around here I will describe my process

    1-  release any leftover gas

    2 - remove valve from tank (be careful there may be some pressure left so remove SLOWLY)

    3- I "purged the" tank with compressed air (this should be done with great caution because you are adding air to the tank and creating a gas to air mixture that is explosive)

    4-  I added about a quart of Super Clean degreaser and filled tank with water and allowed to overflow for a few minutes

    5- Drained the tank and refilled with water, and then an immediate drain of the water, after this step it still had a heavy smell of propane, but all of the gas is gone, the smell is ethyl mercaptan an oderant  added to the gas so you and I can smell it.

    ethyl mercaptan is very hard to get rid of

    6- then I began to cut the tank

    this entire process took me about an hour, from a tank with a little gas in it to torching the top off
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  11. curtisimo81

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    Blackbark I just cut a 125 gallon up.  I filled with water twice with dawn dish soap.  After that I refilled and cut.  I didn't have any issues.  I found that a sawsaz worked the best for cutting it.  However if your using that cut as a final cut go really slow.  I was able to just cut mine because I knew I would be cutting it smaller than what I would have.  
  12. blackbarkbbq

    blackbarkbbq Fire Starter

    Curtis did u have any problems with getting rid of the smell
  13. curtisimo81

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    I used some chemicals but low and behold they didn't work. I actually started working on with the smell still being there. It didn't go away until today when I built a fire inside of it. I've read a lot that there's no way to get rid of the smell until you burn a good fire in it. I had a pretty good fire going in it and it now doesn't even have the faintest smell in it other than burnt wood.. I would say don't want your money on chemicals just get a hot fire going and it will go away
  14. Can't wait to see this progress.... !  [​IMG]   [​IMG]
  15. blackbarkbbq

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    so I have marked out my cuts.

    5'5 1/2" across
    21" tall
    6" down from the top

  16. On your way  keep us posted 

  17. r hagan

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    I just bookmarked this page for future reference. I'm looking for a tank that size, maybe a touch smaller, to build me another smoker. Good luck with your build.
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  18. Good luck to you RH

  19. blackbarkbbq

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    Good Luck RH

    So this tank is 3/8" thick. so its not a quick cut. This afternoon i was able to Fully cut through the top of the door. I welded the Hinges on for support cause this door is massive. I also cut a small part of the bottom and welded a brace to support when i finish cutting tomorrow. More Photos to come later.
  20. blackbarkbbq

    blackbarkbbq Fire Starter

    So the door is cut and a third hinge is added for support.  I did a burn and the smell in the tank is gone   woohoo.

    And I only had one cutting disc shatter on me


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