110 lbs of sausage

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  1. It was a very busy weekend, it was time to make our venison sausage. I always make our sausage but his year we had three deer and with the boy working out of state a lot I needed to wait until he could help me. With all that meat, I needed a stuffer cranked. We did 70 lbs of summer and 40 lbs of farmer style. Ground, mixed and stuffed on Friday, smoked on Saturday and wrapped on Sunday.
    Farmer style pork and venison...
    Farmer casing loaded on tube....
    Pot loaded...
    Time for the sticks....
    Stick casing...
    Hanging for the night....
    Have a few drinks and always, always fry or grill up the leftovers from the stuffer...
    Early the next morning, load the smokehouse, for Some reason I had a slight headache...
    We've got good smoke....
    Kept things below 100 degrees with smoke for four hours. Pulled the rings out after the four hours....
    Once removed the were showered in ice water and left to hang...
    Bumped the house up to 170. Pulled sticks out when internal was 152...
    A shot of a stick before wrapping the next day...
    I put everything in vacuum bags...
    It was a great time as usual. Now it's time to get the Easter ham ready to smoke! Thanks for lookin!
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    looks like you were real busy over the weekend Steve and it paid off. Thats a nice load of sausages you got there................[​IMG]

  3. It is all worth it, thanks
    And thanks for the points!👍
  4. b-one

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    That's a lot of sausage to crank looks great!Thumbs Up
  5. Thanks b-one!
  6. crazymoon

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    Steve, WOW, that's a busy weekend of sausage making and a few libations. Looks great !!! [​IMG]
  7. Busy but always fun CrazyMoon...and thanks for the points!
  8. reinhard

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    Love the set up you got there!!!  Great job on everything.  Thanks for the step by step pics also.  [​IMG]Reinhard
  9. Thanks Reinhard...Things work pretty good. Can't afford to pay someone to make sausage. Have been doing my own since 91, besides, why pay someone to have all that fun. Was my grandpas stuffer and I built the grinder, built my smokers and we're set....
    Thanks for the kind words.
  10. The friends and relatives came out of the wood work

     last night.

    "I heard you made sausage again"

    Thats what makes you feel good about making stuff....
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    Nice big batch of sausage looks good. I bet your son's arm looked like Popeye's after cranking all that meat through the stuffer.[​IMG]
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    I do love that grinder...... I wonder why you debone and chuck up your meat? It would be like the old Popeye cartoons with Whimpy. Just get the tail started and turn it on. Let it grind it all.

    Good looking batch a sausages!

    Being smart enough to wait for help, deserves        [​IMG]for wisdom!!
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    Thanks for posting this thread. I'm no sausage maker, but found it very entertaining to watch the whole process.
    "The friends and relatives came out of the woodwork last night". You know? I think we might be related! Yeah, I'm pretty sure!! :)
    Great post, thanks, David.
  14. He finally found out what is all involved with pulling the trigger, after all these years. Someone needs to learn and take on the tradition because this old man will do it until the he's in the box , which better be a long way off, but the young guys need to learn.
    Thanks for the points!
  15. Thanks foamy!
    I missed your words of wisdom for awhile. The wife had back surgery in December so it's been me everything, and I wanted the 36 yr old to help and start learning this, he did well and had fun. He said he can't wait till next time anyway....
  16. David, I'm glad you enjoyed the post, that was my goal, maybe you will try it some day. What better when people stop by, sausage and beer.
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    great job - nice batch of sausage there [​IMG]

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

  18. Thanks for the kind words an points DS.
    You are right about the full smoker....
  19. haeffnkr

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    Hello KASMC27

    I made over 125 pounds of sausage this past Saturday.

    I have been struggling to find a way to hot smoke the summer sausage consistently with no hot spots, etc.

    Can you please share details here or PM me with details on your smoke house setup, heat source, smoke source and how it operates?

    I need to make something to smoke 50 pounds at a time that works consistently.

    I have used a big green egg in the past, worked ok but to slow.

    I just tried this weekend to use a MasterBuilt propane smoker.. it was a mess... bottom row took all the heat and basically I had to swap the sausages all around all day and baby sit.. ugh.

    Appreciate your feedback

    thanks Kevin
  20. Hi Kevin,
    I have two homemade plywood smokers that I use. The larger one I built in 95 or so and have remodeled a couple times. It is 4' w x 6'd x6' tall. I use this only for my large batches of venison. 50 to 250 lbs. I can either do a real wood fire or use propane.

    For the wood fire I use a tire rim and propane I use an old turkey fryer.
    My large house is made to be torn apart. I do not leave it set up year round. It is put together with wing nuts. The ends are removed, sides and top, then stored in the rafters until the following deer season.

    My smaller smoker that I use for everything under 50 lbs I also built of plywood. It uses a propane burner I bought from harbor freight. I do not have a temp control issue with either of my houses and I smoke all winter long in below zero temps. The most important thing is the needle valve to control the flame. I always use a heat defuser in both houses. The large I have a metal sheet 12" above the flame and the smaller I use the drip pan above the heat source.

    Needle valve
    My small smoker and favorite 36" w x 5'h x 26" deep
    Hope this helps you...
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