1 year old - PITMAKER VAULT

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  1. trav

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    I am looking to sell my Pitmaker Vault.  It is roughly 1 year old and in great shape.  Info below.


    77" Tall

    32" Wide (39” with Handle) 
    28.5" Deep (34.5" with Stainless Front Shelf and Wheel)

    Weight: Approximately 925 lbs.

    Capacity:  (5) Five - 25" Wide x 22" Deep, Slide-Out Cooking Grates with 5" of vertical clearance above each.  2750 square inches of cooking space.


    BBQ Guru DigiQ II monitoring system (fan included)

    Deflector/Diverter Plate (inside the fire box - Water cooking)

    20' x 22' Removable, Stainless Steel Food Prep Table

    All and all I paid over $5,000 for this unit.  Looking to get at-least $3500 OBO.  Also, I am open to trades.  Looking to purchase a traditional stick burner, so that's what I'd lean towards it it came down to trading Lil Red.  Please feel free to shoot me a PM for more info, cheers!


    FYSA: This pit will be coming from WA state

  2. trav

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    Price adjusted to $3,000 OBO. 
  3. luffe

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    Hi there

    Do U still have this Nice one
    Pls e-mail me if U have or not
    Or test me at 7322084947

  4. luffe

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    Pls email me if u still have it or not

    Best Regards

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