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Venting Mod On A Smoke Hollow Electric Unit

This is about the venting mod and some thermometer add-ons.




I was getting a very poor smoke from the unit with the factory venting. About 20 minutes before I needed to get the days dinner in the smoker I decided to modify the venting. I did not feel like fighting the smoke control anymore.


The air circulation was terrible in this unit from the factory. They only give you a hole about the size of a pencil in the rear. I did not get a pic of the original hole.


I drilled (3) 3/4 inch holes with a hole saw in the upper rear and on the side right around the area of my chip tray.

The smaller holes in the pic are for original mount for the factory vent tube. 



smoker 011.jpg


smoker 010.jpg




I drilled the same holes in a piece of galvanized and cut out a 5 inch circle. 

smoker 012.jpg


I used a 1/2 self tapping screw to mount the disc but did not tighten the screw all the way so that the disc could spin freely.

smoker 013.jpg


smoker 014.jpg


Now I can adjust intake and exhaust easily. I just spin the disc open as much as I need. I got a perfect amount of smoke on the ribs I made this day and everything I have smoked after, since I can dial it in to get a perfect heat and smoke. Have to be careful adjusting it since the disc gets very hot fast.


The work quality should have been much better but like I said I decided to do this about 20 minutes before the days dinner was to go in the unit. 


I hope this helps out anyone with a Smoke Hollow or even another manufacturer that has the same problem I did from the factory.


smoker 015.jpg


I also drlled some 7/32 inch holes in the side. I picked up some rubber grommets at Radio Shack and some probe thermometers at Harbor Freight. I put the 2 thermometers in the side to keep an eye on the temp at different levels.


smoker 001.jpg


smoker 008.jpg


I also put a grommet in the front door that I use for the meat probe.


smoker 009.jpg


smoker 010.jpg

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I have a smoke hollow with the same did a really great job it looks really nice and something I need to do to my unit for sure
Thanks, Let me know if you do it and how it works out for you. I had such a hard time with smoke before doing this.
I can't even get the chips to smoke at all and seeing as how this is the first time I used it, I had it cured and ready to go so I started cooking. Now I have an oven with no smoke, and three hours before I have to feed a family of eight. › Instructionals › Venting Mod On A Smoke Hollow Electric Unit