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Using the Search Bar to Find Stuff!

Here is a post I did on searching for "bacon making"



Have no fear, you are here!  We go into almost infinite detail on bacon-making right here on the forum, and have in-depth experts that can answer your every question!   We have several tutorials on it  If you know where the search engine line is:




you will see it right under the main pull down menu bar, where it faintly says "Search Forums, Articles, Reviews and more!"


This is the key that unlocks the magic door to the magic playhouse!


Just put "bacon making" in that line, like this:




hit Enter, and it will lead you to a plethora of articles on bacon making, going back several years, like this:




and there is 3 of over 8,000 threads on bacon-making for you to peruse and enjoy!  Also, you will see Articles, Images, etc. breaking down your search further!


Now, while we're on the subject, there are basically two ways to make bacon; dry cure and wet cure.  Both accomplish the same end, to cure with a curing agent the meat along with salts and spices and water in some level and capacity to prepare the meat to be ready to accept smoke and into a finished product.  

having said that, I'll confuse you even more!  Now, there are two ways to accomplish this once the meat is cured, by cold smoking or hot smoking it; you can do it either way.


And, there is a good Article on Home Processing that I will first refer you to:


is a book unto itself and gives you good basic knowledge to work with.


Enjoy your journey on here, and most importantly, ask questions - we're all here to help!


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