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Refridgerator Smoker

Hi Guys I'm new to this site and just wanted to post pix of my build,I gutted all plastic and relined with metal,I used a heating element outta an electric indoor BBQ grill that I got for a few bucks at a junk store,I purchased about 10 feet of the rope used in woodburner door as a seal,the temp control is outta an old oven temp controller ,drilled and inserted probe for controller,Have reached temps as high as 350 F while testing,so far I have smoked  ribs,whole chickens,Bacon Explosion,Wings,Bacon wrapped chicken livers and all turned out great.Tell me what you think100_4181.JPG

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thats a hell of a smoker
Nut'n like building your own.Looks like you planed it out with alot of smoken love.I like your thoughts with reguards to the planning.It should work out well.
looks good to me.
nice build, I wanna build one this summer, just waiting until the right object comes along to do it with. Kudos on the creativity
I just want to say,"AWESOME IDEA!"
Nice build. I was thinking of doing a drum smoker next but like this idea better, Cheers.
this is awesome!!
I like it. Nice build.
first smoker i ever built was from a frig but not as nice as yours good job
now that is smoking redneck style ###
That is great.  If you are going to make one, take out all the plastic inside the fridge.
SmokingMeatForums.com › Articles › Refridgerator Smoker