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Oldschool Brisket Rub

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  As a Teenager,I would often hang out at Cousin Homer's BBQ Place. The greatest lessons I ever got and  the only preparation he made on his Briskets was Cracked Black Pepper and Kosher Salt.Fairly heavy coat of the mixture and onto an untrimmed Brisket.Place it on his smoker around 2pm and leave it in until 10am the next day-big 12# to 14# chunks.

  He also bragged about a 6 ingredient sauce that was the bomb,never saw him do a batchpot.gif,but tried a few times,with no good results. 

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Interesting. I remember my mother cooking roasts in the oven with nothing but salt and pepper to season them and she never heard complaints out of us. that roast and gravy over rice was the greatest. Later she added garlic to the mix but as a youngster it didn''t seem to come up to those cooked without the garlic. The rubs we use now are great but I have been wondering about the possibility that they could be considered overkill by some. Oldschool rub--salt and pepper, who'd a thunk it. Just might try it.
Same here. My Dad grew up at his father's side in the family butcher shop. Anything beef was S & P period, no discussion, that meat had all the flavor it needed built in... NOW, 40 years later, I'm not sure if it's me or the meat but IT JUST DON'T TASTE LIKE IT USED TO!
Dad might be spinnin' but it's Montreal Steak Seasoning on beef and a 15 herb and spice rub on just about everything else but seafood. When are they going to put the Fat and Flavor back in PORK!?! JJ
I like the simple stuff. These recipes with a list as long as your arm are crazy. In Texas, many barbecue joints use just plain old salt and pepper, called Dalmatian rub.
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