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I'm new to smoking, I'm trying  to go cheap is galvanized OK to use and if the tank is galvanized and painted how can tell

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Galvanized is NOT food-safe! I don't know exactly what the problem is, I think it's zinc fumes or something nasty like that.
Galvanized is very dangorous do not use it. It reacts with heat and gets into the meat wich get in to you. Poision.
Put the word galvanized i you search engine and check out the wikipedia site. I know we used to use galvanized wire and tanks because we just did not know any better. I know it is zinc. Electroplating and it give off a fume when burning that is poisenious. However i have heard and read that one can burn it of and i have always assumed that this was correct but i realy do not know for sure.
I wish i could help you more.
Yeah it'll make ya sick stay away from anything coated. Must be clean weldable stuff that you can clean off easily or at any rate burn off for that matter.
Ok, Galvanized steel is supposed to give off toxic gasses when heated...So here is a scary example of the way your tax dollars may be spent!!!
But it includes integral ash retention flange and drain holes. I wonder how many people leave the park feeling a little sick.
From what I can find, there are a lot of manufaturers using/selling galvanized grill parts. For every report stating it's bad, there is another that says Welder's are the only people affected and any fumes burn off in the first fire up, making further use safe.
I guess, "Better safe than sorry" applies here...JJ
Since zinc's melting point is 787 degrees F and its boiling point is 1664 deg F, I don't believe I would want to expose it to charcoal temps that can reach 2000 degrees.
Actually the zinc does burn off, but it still would not be best for actually cooking on, but you can use it for windscreens etc.. Trouble is painting it takes a lot of preparation and the right paint and primer. I just posted pics in the dutch oven forum of my new table with a galvanized wind screen. I used the wrong primer and high heat paint. Took the advice of lowes specialists and i am hoping to not have to steelwheel it all off.. I just wouldnt cook on the galvanized surface, if you can avoid it.
stay away from galvanized metal! As you can read here its NOT food safe. I was cutting some pieces of it up for scrap and it gave off such a noxious yellowish smoke it actually nausiated me and gave me a headache. Look harder for material that is not galvanized...its out there
I dont advocate cooking on it..but I did make my windscreen out of it.. There is no way my windscreen will reach a high enough temp to be of any worry. I have smelled that smell you are talking about when it was cut with a torch and or welded, but you are heating to the point of melting and yes, the zinc will burn off in noxious fumes, but my stove pipes at home are galvanized and they give off no odor and they make some charcoal chimneys out of it...Once the zinc is burned off as on a cooking surface it should be ok, but I personally would not cook on galvanized surface anyway, even tho some of the cheaper bbqs are actually made of it.
I posted pics of my do table in wolfmans thread about his. Mine is the one at the bottom.. You can see pics of it in the raw before painting. Its all made from found materials and its my first. I had to learn to use a cutting wheel to cut the galvanized. The windscreen was a heating or cooling duct in its old life.
That yellow smoke can kill you.
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