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First UDS Mini

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 I just finished a small UDS using a 15 gal, 14.5 inch drum. Thanks everyone for you plans and suggestions. Still have to add a temperature gage, next week. Smoked a pork shoulder and some dry rubber shrimp so far both were excellent.

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I built a full size and am very satisfied with the smoking. I may try and lower my coal basket an inch or so, sometimes gets to hot close to the meat. A good idea with the small UDS. A lot of time I waste space. It is a good time to experiment with other foods.
I have two pork tenderlions I will wrap with bacon and try this weekend. Then next week I will smoke a corn beef. Having fun and eating good. The size of UDS has worked out very good for me. I put two shelves in for smoking on and a shelf above the coals where i can add a pan of water if it gets too hot.
if your having problems with the coals being to close...i built a uds and took the top to an old weber regular charcoal gril...14 inch i think took everything off of it and drilled some holes in the center of when basket is lowered in put the weber top upside down ....this way the juice and grease from the meat runs to the center and falls on the coals...but it acts as a barrier so meat doesnt char too much
I have the charcoal basket about 1.5 inches from bottom, I used a dome top from cheap WalMart grill, Webber is better fit. You can put drip tray or water pan above coals and keep temp down a little
Hi there,
Can someone please tell me what UDS stands for?
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