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Charcoal And Lump Chimney Starter

A chimney starter is a economical way to start charcoal and lump charcoal without the use of petroleum based starting fluids. The concept is easy, fill top of the container with your favorite fuel and use newspaper or sheets from the telephone book waded up and placed in the bottom chamber. Light and you will have hot and ready fuel in 10 +/- minutes. One word of caution, place the chimney on your top grate of your grill or smoker and not on the ground or concrete, and always use gloves to handle the hot chimney.


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An alternative to using paper if you have a side burner on your grill or a gas smoker available..
Fill the charcoal chimney and then sit it on a the side burner of your grill or even over the burner of your gas smoker if you have one. Wait until the coals are glowing and then pour them into your charcoal chamber of your smoker. Quick and easy.
Another alternative: I use the burner from my turkey fryer to start the chimney!
I slip a charcoal lighter in it on a 45° and then fill it up and plug it in works great!
I always spray a little cooking spray, like "Pam" on my paper before sticking it under the chimney. Burns hotter and lights charcoal faster.
lights easily and works every yes i said every single time.It has never yes i said never not worked
I like to use the white cube Weber lighter blocks or chunks of fire starter. It creates less annoying lighting smoke so the neighbors only have to put up with the good smoke.
I put a sterno chafing fuel burner under mine to start charcoal.
Two words....dryer lint....about a fist sized bunch of dryer lint burns for about 5 minutes and lights the chimney like a charm. If you want it to burn longer spray it with a little vegetable oil. Never fails
Hate the mess of newspaper. I use Diamond Strike-A-Fire fire starting blocks instead.
A must have tool for UDS start up.
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