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Gonna smoke some brisket tomorrow the way nature intended, 16 long hours on an offset!
Wet brining some meats for several hours or more may be challenging for presentation (i.e., Cornish hens for 4 hours ready for noon Easter dinner). Is it acceptable to brine ahead of time , rinse and refrigerate until additional processing, i.e., spatchcocking and actual smoking is performed? It seems to me to be a valid practice, but I yield to the more experienced cooks among us.
Hey Aaron, congrats on the smoker! Looks great! I called Kerry today and plan on going tomorrow to look at his stuff in person. How do you like it? Have you fired it up yet? Just wondering how well it drafts and how well it holds temps and if it’s even? I know there’s a lot of calculations involved in building a smoker properly and was wondering if Kerry has this right or not?

I also have the firebrick upgrade on the firebox. my firebox is insulated with firebrick and it will hold heat for a long time. I put 2 sticks of wood on the fire and left for an hour and a half to come back and had retained 250-275 degrees heat. that was worth the few extra bucks
Thanks Aaron! I went and looked and talked with Kerry. Nice stuff for sure. We are kind of looking at that cabinet model now. Going to see how this next one turns out that he is working on now. It’s a copy of the LSG 30” cabinet offset.
Hope you get what you like...
just found this site and looks great so i joined. had a charcoal smoker for years before getting the recteq last year. doing a pork loin today. ill inject with Italian dressing then coat with a nice mixed dry rub. not in a hurry today so ill do it at 200
I’m in search of high quality lightly used commercial smokers to purchase. Some of the specs I’m seeking include rotating racks and a minimum of 75 sqft cooking surface. If anyone has any thoughts or leads I’d really appreciate sharing.
I have just got the Inkbird IBBQ-4T also and I have tried both apps and it won't connect either. Phone is connected to WI-FI, location is on, not 5G and had them both sitting next to the router???
Did you try connecting it to the bluetooth on your phone instead of wifi? I have the 6T and it uses bluetooth.
I saw a post you made about some info on cleaning mold out of a smoker. By any chance could you pass that on to me please?
Hi everyone I am new to the world of smoking.I just got a pitboss.Any advice?
I’m looking for a recipe for Nepas snack stick. We always make it for Christmas and this year can’t find the recipe. It’s an addictive snack stick. Everyone loves it. It’s from a post several years ago.
Smoked some bacon yesterday and it is very good. Used a dry rub and I'm curing some more meat in a brine and will try smoking it in a couple of days.
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