Zapp's Potato Chips

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Yes, I do, first and only one was at 47 years old after I made some shrimp scampi for myself. Thought I was just having an regular allergy attack until I started itching everywhere. I drove past 2 ER's not knowing and finally hit a walk in clinic. They were all over me, called an ambulance and the dr jumped into the ambulance and rode with me to the ER. He said that had I not popped a couple of benedryls at the beginning (thought it was the cats fur) that they would have found me on the side of the road into a tree. shrinp, crab, lobster, crayfish or anything else with an exoskeleton. Also have to watch any fried foods in restaurants and like 99% of the Chinese restaurants as they just rinse the woks and don't actually wash them.
Okay, so, you do NOT need to go to a crawfish boil. :emoji_wink:
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Jan 17, 2013
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A guy I work with is from New Orleans and before they passed his parents always sent him large care packages which included these chips. Can't remember for sure all the ones I tried but I know I tried the regular, voodoo, mesquite bbq. They were all pretty good. I thought they once had just a crawdad flavor chip that wasn't spicy that I tried as well but didn't like. Just recently saw some of the voodoo flavored ones at Fred Meyer's so I may have to pick some up.

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