young goose ?

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Jan 29, 2007
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My sister gave me a young goose that I am thawing out as we speak. Don't know what I want to do with it thinking maybe jerky . need to do some jerky to snack on in the tractor on these 12 hr. days doing some deer jerky for sure never done goose so looking for advice
G,dat mate first off i drive tractors too so i know what you are about , ( drive allday and go knowhere ) ok now i have never done jerky and i have never cooked a goose ( they are not used much in OZ ) but i do know that goose is very fatty so that may be a problem as far as making jerky goes .but we'll wait and see what the experts say . ...........see ya
Smokingcowboy -

Here's a recipe:

Goose Jerky
4 pounds of Goose breast sliced thin
2 Cups Teriyaki Sauce
2 Tbs. Black Pepper
2 Tbs. Garlic powder
2 Tbs. Liquid Smoke
2 Tbs. Tabasco Sauce
1 Tbs. Red Pepper
1 Tbs. Meat Tenderizer
1 Tbs. Mrs. Dash Seasoning
Mix all ingredients together in a large covered bowl. Add the Goose strips and mix to make sure all the Goose is covered. Refrigerate over night. Remove Goose from marinade and put in Smoker or Dehydrator. Cook on Medium until Jerky is dry but not hard. Freeze to store for extended periods of time. This is a great snack for hunting and fishing trips!

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