You know your BBQ King Fu is good when:

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Jun 20, 2006
Long Beach, California
You know you BBQ is good when: You take it to work for lunch, and somebody offers to buy you lunch.

You know you BBQ is good when: Youhave neighbors bringing beer over to your house, so they can "happen" to be there when meat comes off the grill.

You know you BBQ is good when: The people at your spouse's job ask for you to contribute to their pot luck lunches.
You know your BBQ is King when the owner of the local BBQ joint comes up and asks for YOUR rub recipe!!
You know you're the BBQ King when you get INVITED to dinner and they ask you to bring some of your pulled pork. <this just happened to me lastnight but they gave me a 3 day warning to do the smoke>

You know your BBQ is King when the neighborhood kids come over and sit quietly....waiting for their turn to "taste test"..
you know your bbq is good when your friends supply all the meat just to make sure they can get some of it.,

also when people say this is the better than the last time they said it was the best that they had ever had
hope to show pics
i know my mojo is working when my honey wants me to
smoke something instead of taking her out to dinner.

about 2 out of 3 weekend ---this is the case.

she goes to the community pool with grandpups---
i get to slave on my hard -hard hobby---ha ha

she hasnt said any thing about the large amouts of
BEER marinade i use.-------ha ha

she hasnt asked why it takes a couple shots of wild turkey
and a six pack to marinade each racks worth of meat and poultry.

when i get some parts for free and modify my unit with another rack---
placed between the 2 existing ones--
it may be an all day and night deal.

sausages and chicken parts on bottom 2
10 lb turkey or 6 lb brisket on top.
Very true Rodger .. I had a guy that actually lifted the lid and sniffed it to see what I smoked.

You know your BBQ kung fu is good, when your son starts to jump up and down outta excitment when you pick him up from school, then stop and buy a brisket. He knows, there is going to be a good smoking going on.
you know your bbq is good when the husband that laughed at the homemade smoker and wanted nothing to do with it was strangely quiet when the company went wild over the salmon and pulled pork, and then went out the next day and bought a turkey to smoke!
You know your BBQ is good, when the husband of the couple who dropped by to visit, tells his wife, that he does not want to go home and "play" since the kidsd are not home, "the ribs are almost ready! I am staying."
You know your BBQ is good when your in the middle of a good smoke and your kids stop by with thier friends and decide to make a beer run and hang out for the day.

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