You know you have a smoking problem when......

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Dec 19, 2005
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- You are unable to park the car in the garage because there are multiple smokers taking up the room.
- You see scrap metal sitting around and you think I can make a smoker out of that.
- Your wife tells you that if you buy one more smoker you will be sleeping on the couch.
Ok now it is your turn to add some.
When you discover that you spend more time in Bed, Bath and Beyond now than you do at Lowes and Home Depot

You know this really shouldn't be in the joke section, it should be in the NonFiction section.
Folks what really started this is that I have my BSKD sitting in my living room right now so that I can work on the mods in the warmth of the house. Now I know I have a smoking problem
when you bid on smokers on e-bay
that you dont really want..
and you know that with shipping its to much money for used cheap smokers--
im not kidding--
i might need help---
You have more smokers than you do hands.

Your sitting in your living room at 10:30 at night taking pictures of your new smoker to share with your internet smoking buddies because they are the only ones who might actually care.

When you are contemplating mods for the aformentioned smoker before you even build the first fire in it.
You go to your third grocery store in a panic because the only good looking fresh meat available to smoke is a chicken!

I was just told to add this one by my better half ...

You know you have a smoking problem when......
When you have to buy another freezer to fit all your smoked meats in

(not really it's been so cold outside I'be been hiding stuff in an old footlocker!)

When every time you go out to throw more wood on the smoker your last set of tracks in the snow are covered over,like today.
You're on the job at 3 in the morning wondering where you can put a smoker (or two) where nobody will notice
you know you have a problem when all of your customers, know not to bother you on fridays because they know its smokin day. and when they
pick their cars up fron the body shop, they smell like hickory.
I should have thought of that. My family is always grumbling at me and making fun because I have to take my pics after I bring stuff in and before we eat. My wife says, "he has to take pictures to show off for his internet smoking buddies."
You are thinking about cutting down a perfectly good tree because it would be good wood to smoke with!!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


When you go camping with friends and find out they brought apple wood to burn in the camp fire so you take all their wood home with you.


You by pork shoulders by the case - ever had 80 lbs of pork shoulder in your freezer?
You know you have a Smoking problem when:

1- you spend a perfectly good Saturday afternoon searching the archives of your favorite Smoking Meat Forum.

2- you kick the kids out of their treehouse to use it for wood storage.

3- You won't use your seasoned hickory to heat your home durring a power outage.

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