yikes the tornado sirens just went off

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Feb 22, 2007
Sault Ste Marie,ON
we just got the tornado sirens, Genesee County Michigan, storms coming

so if you all dont hear from me in a couple of days, you know that internet was wiped out..lol

there goes my smoking tonight..lol

already getting rain and marble sized hail
Take cover Jeff. They just left my neck of the woods.....got some trees down, but other than that were good.
Had the first wave between 5:30 & 7:00 ... it is now 9:15 and I see the next wave approaching .....
Man! that was a lot of rain and some hail ...thunder was so strong the dishes were rattling ...
they just dropped it to sever thunderstorms here...

the missus was panicking, she called me from work... get in the basement if it comes, get in the basement.... me...yah yah yah..lol

time to fire up the smoker, if i am gonna go, its going to be doing something i enjoy..lol

thanks for the concern guys
Yikes tornadoe sirens...I hope all are safe....and to think the mrs. and I were just whining cause they are callin for rain and snow mixed tomorrow
Did'nt get any tornado sirens here, but it sure was one heck of a T-Storm! Theresa and Jeff, ya'll loose power? We lost it here S.E. MI around 1930ish. Got it back this morning at 0645am. Glad we did too. Beginning to worry about the chicken I'm planning to do this afternoon. Hope everyone is ok!
thankfully we didnt lose any power... everything was ok, couple of fires here but i am not sure if they were because of the storm
I was lucky and didn't lose power last night ... however an F1 tornado touched down about 40 miles north of me

I was hit by one back in '79 at work ... an F4 ... thought I was going to meet my maker that night .... guess I'm just too ugly to die young ..
Like I had said earlier, a couple of downed trees from the straight line winds, and the power flickered on and off a few times. I know that they had a touch down a bit south of here near Kalamazoo/Battle Creek.
That same system is passing through Philly right now.Maybe not as bad as you guys had it but we got thunder and sometimes the rain bounces a foot high.
We must be a day behind you guys. We just finished the t-storms and 70 MPH winds. The western part of the state thinks they had a tornado. We don't usually get them here ... weird weather ...
So now that we've done a head count, and everyone's okay, did anyone get any good wood scores? Sorry if I may sound insensitive, but I'm the guy that will check his friends to make sure they're okay, then laugh at them if they are. But only after it's okay.
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