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I'm not sure who of the list is musically talented. If you know of any, invite them to bring their music with them. That would be a good deal.
Can I bring my mandolin?

Actually I am just learning (been learning for about 2 years) and still can't half play but I would love to play along in the background with you guys.

Now THAT sounds fun!!!!
You guys are doing a great job! Just so you know, no one else can see the forum or even realizes it exists. I set the permissions so that only the group you are in can see it or use it.

I am not going to be snooping around and interfering with progress but I just wanted to let you know that I really like the way things are going..

I could not have picked better guys to handle this!

Thanks for the words of encourgement Jeff. And I think we'd all be upset if you didn't bring that mandolin with ya.

Hey it's your house, look anywhere you want. If you have any suggestions or comments at all, please chime in.

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