Yesterday's smoke

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May 5, 2007
Sorry for the delayed post, but I did something REALLY STUPID during my smoke session. I managed to step on a hot coal in my bare feet!
I knew better than to be messin' with fire in my bare feet, but I had just gotten out of the pool and was checkin' on things.. I am truly a dumb-a$$! Needless to say, there was some pain involved...

Anyway, dinner turned out great - the wife wanted one of my meatloafs, so that's what Pop-Pop made for her, along with some ABT s. I slathered the blueberry BBQ sauce on the loaf about 1/2 hour before it was done.

Here are some pix of the event, once again, I apologize for the quality... I REALLY am going to get a new camera... promise!
YOUCH!!!!!!! Hope It's not to bad. The food sure looks great from where I'm sitting....nice job!!!!
Thanks! Well, I have a nice blister and wearing a shoe on that foot ain't gonna be pretty...
I did a meatloaf yesterday also but I must admit your's looks better. I like
the pan you've got it in, I saw one at Home depot and have thought
about getting it.
Sorry about your foot, if you have access to some crutches maybe you could
just go with a sock for a few days
i bet the foot was a great excuse to sit in the pool againlol. great lookin' stuff hawg. i like the mods to the pit,where did ya get the gauges? now all ya need is a set of cragars or 17"spinners for the wheels.har har
Thanks all... dinner was REALLY good!

The foot is very tender, but I think I'll live through it. You are right Gypsy, it's a great excuse for soaking in the pool!! It also got me out of cutting the grass!

Blackhawk, that pan is great... by all means, get one! This one is a porcelan coated, heavy guage steel. I got it at True Value Hardware...
... hmmmm, smoked Hawg foot.. bet that ain't good. Sorry about the meteor incident, but the food looks great.

Keep Smokin - but leave your feet out of it
Looks great Phil, sorry about the foot.
Do you just lay your ABT on their side and just lay the strips of bacon over them?

I also love that pan, and I have come to the conclusion that the stores in my area just stink for carrying items like these. The vegetable grill pans they have either are like woks with large sides and very little bottom or they are just flat with no sides.
It's time to do some shopping today but I am sure I will be forced once again to buy something like this on the net. You wouldn't know I live in a county will over 1 million population and 50 miles from New York City! Okay, sorry for the rant, I feel much better now. :)
Actually, I split them in half lengthwise, then stuffed them and was going to wrap them with bacon. As I was making them with the "help" of one of my granddaughters, she said, "Pop-Pop, are you gonna put lids on them?" So, we put lids on them and layed a strip of bacon on top.

Hey, if you get stuck, I can pick up one for you here and ship it to ya'... I think it was $12.99. Shipping I would imaging would be around $5 or $6... Oh, BTW, no sales tax here in DE!
Good lookin food Hawg.
Remember rule #57 in the Smokers Handbook - " Don't cook the cook.." And rule # 16 in the Grandpa's Handbook - "Milk it for all it's worth."
How true!! Thanks for the pointers!!
food looks good. i am making a meatloaf today, and some pulled pork.

i stepped on a hot charcoal briquette when i was like 9 years old. man did that hurt. the bad thing was it in the summer, and i was on crutches for a few weeks. no playing outside (not much, anyway) for me that summer.
i never stepped on a coal but my first catering(i wasn't thinking right) cooking chix & burgs for 2000-yes 2000 people, i decided i was going to burn 1/8 cord of mesquite @ 1 time. i had to wrap wet beach towels around my arms & wear welding gloves to flip food on that monster(18x6 pit). we also had to buy 2 supersoakers to control the fire.but was all good inthe end.i'll have to scan in pics from that 1. lmao
Dang Gypsy, that musta been one helluva fire!
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