Yesterdays Smoke Shoulder

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May 13, 2006
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Yet another smoked shoulder. I smoked this yesterday when the temp was in the high 90's .. Again the camera batteries are low so the date stamp is wrong.

All Pulled .. I use this pan in the smoker as well so I just have to foil the top part and the pan collects all the juices.. I take the juices and drain them into a glass measuring cup and chill it in the fridge.. when chilled I remove the fat from the top and reheat the juice on the stove, add some salt and pepper, some ground smoked habinero and mix it in with the pulled pork. Yummmm

I'm going to have to figure out how to resize this pics ..

Looks like some great food Joe. Excellent work.

If your running windows you definitely have paint. Which actually works well for many things. If your running Linux is happens to be even easier but since you probably have windows like 99% of everyone we'll go with this.

Anyway there is software out there, but everyone's got good old paint.
Hit Start Button
Find "All Programs"
Find "Accessories"
Click on "Paint"
Click on "Edit" on the toolbar
Click on "Paste From..."
Open your picture
Make the workspace in paint the same size as your picture - The first time you do this, the workspace is almost surely smaller than your picture so when you import the picture it will by default stretch to the size of the picture, but the next picture you try might be smaller than the one which preceeded it and so on. Whatever just make sure there is no white border around your picture. And you can adjust the workspace by putting the arrow of the corner of the workspace and adjusting it. Once that is done
Click "Image" on toolbar
Click "Stretch/Scew"
Then adjust the percent, I usually cut them down both to 40 - 50%
Click "OK"
If your satisfied Click "File"
Click "Save"
VERY IMPORTANT TIP - Save this as a .jpeg, paint's default is a bitmap. With shrinking the picture and jpeg compression, you'll have a great looking, nicely sized, and easy to post picture.

Good Luck.
Damn Joe! You hit me right before lunchtime, and now, thanks to you, a tuna sammich and a bag of chips just ain't gonna do it for me... :roll:

Great lookin grub ya got sure set my mouth a waterin'

Hey Brian, That's what I had for lunch yesterday while smoking this. The bread sopped up all my drooling.. the smell was great also..

I love some pulled pork. Great to make on the weekend, and then torture the office, by bringing it for lunch the whole week. This office knows when I go to lunch, because the building starts to smell of BBQ. and you can geuss how much I love the smell of smoked meat on the air.
Gary, Nothing like torturing the office workers with your lunch and you get to torture your neighbors as well with the smell from your smoker. Ain't life good ..

Looks like it's time to restock my pulled pork supply.

I'm hungry. Darn you Joe, I was thinking of doing a butt this weekend but am going to do some salmon tomorrow instead (a first!).

You're killing me. :) Great job!
I have never made pulled pork....It looks great and I would like to try it. I have not found the method most use when doing this. Please someone let me know what they consider works the best for I can give it a try...Are you smoking a shoulder and then tearing it into pieces when it is done or before hand. Any tips greatly appreciated.

Hi Steve, this is what I do and it saves charcoal as well.... so I cheat .. I rub the meat and smoke the meat at 225 to 250 deg for 6 hours fat side down and I don't trim any of the skin off. I then use that tray in the pic <it has a rack to keep it off the bottom> I place it in the tray and add apple juice <about a cup> I foil it and finish it off in my oven at 250 deg for 6 more hours. <the one above was 8lbs and I cook it 1.5 hours per lb> after the 6 hours I take it from the oven and let it rest on a plate and refoil it, I take all the juice in the bottom of the pain and place that in a bowl and stick it in the fridge to cool off, I then scrape the fat off the top and heat the rest up in a small pot and season it to taste. At this point I uncove the shoulder and the bones should pull right out and the pork should fall apart. I know folks say they pull at 190 to 195 deg but after 12 years or so making this I just do it. After the pork is pulled I place it back in the pan and pour the seasoned juice onto and mix it in real well. At this point company isn't here yet so I foil it again and place it back in theoven until company arrives stirring it so it all stays moist. Like I said I cheat with my oven cause to me it's a waiste of charcoal and my time feeding the smoker to keep the temp up, If you have a propaine smoker that would be differnt. Hope this helps

Thanks a Million Joe,

That helps a bunch...I am going to print that out and save it for future smokings..I have got to get me a folder for this stuff...

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