Yesterday's butt baby!

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
OTBS Member
Jul 4, 2006
Ok, me and my smokin partner smoked a whole-lotta-butt!! I had to show some pics. We smoked 40 butts, some deer meat, a head a cabage and 2 fatties!!

Oh that butt!!

My bro tending the meat!

A piece of fattie, cabage and some cheese........oh what a snack!!!

........almost done and ready to eat!!!!!!!!

40 butts and some deer meat! Holy smokes that's alot of food! Sure looks great! Must've been one heck of a party!

What ?? all that food and no invite ?? hell ...woulda came all the way out of my igloo for that feast !!! oh man what a great looking feed
Man! What a show! Great job gypc. What kind of blast was that to have that much meat and no left overs... sounds like someone had a bad case of the munchies.

Keep Smokin
It was a benifit thing........butt we got to eat a bunch!!!.....and the smoked cabage with the fattie was incredible!!!!!!!!!!
looking good guys......but I couldn't help but worry that you worked waaaay too hard and didn't get a chance to drink enough damn beer!

I'll have to post some smoker and meat pics so I can show you boys the feminine form of barbecuing which consists of maybe opening the door once to peek and filling the chute with a beer pitcher of woodchips and walla! Done....! I know those mass quantities of meat can get labor intensive after awhile.....lots of moving around and flipping.

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