Yesterdays Brisket

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May 27, 2006
Danbury, Ct.
Well.. Here it is...Brisket or Bust...
Turned out to be a BUST...followed everything by the numbers...
Smoked at 225 till 165*...a little over 3 hours in the dead zone...foiled till 190*...then 2 hours wrapped up and in the cooler...wasn't all that tender and it was dryer that popcorn farts in the sahara desert....yes I mopped it every half hour.. and yes I sprayed it good before I foiled it...maybe just a bad cut...even tho when I picked it out...doing the old bend in the middle folded itself very nicely in half....oh well...if at first ya don't succeed....try it again...learn from this one...

Here are some pics...sure looks like it should have been better...



I'm sorry to hear that your brisket didn't turn out so well. But, like you said, try, try again. You're right, it looks like it should have been good...
Pics looks like a good brisket was made. What is anything went into seasoning? What type of wood was used for smoke? How was everything else in the smoke? Are you sure the brisket was not good? maybe you had a few too many cold ones, and killed your taste buds... If the next one does not work out, send your sample to Icemn62 Labs in Southern California. Many tests will be performed and a detailed report on taste and moisture will be emailed to you.
Sure looks like a lean brisket Vulcan, did you trim it or was it already trimmed. I like a little more fat on mine while it is cooking, you can cut the fat down when it's finished but it makes it stay moister if you leave it on while cooking.
Interesting about the ft. i will give mine a trim. I buy a full brisket when I do them. I don't think I have ever even seen a flat for sale. I give it a slight trim, and find that I don't have as long a cook time as untrimmed. I do leave some of the fat on, but it is trimmed. That could be a reason for the dryness of the brikset, but what of the lack of smoke ring. I know that smoke ring does not mean cooked in smoke, but I would have thought a ring would have been present.
This one had a good ring, It was Mystical's brisket that didn't have a good ring. Too many briskets to keep up with this weekend :D
Iceman62 Labs :lol: :lol: :lol: ! That's awesome! I didn't even think about fat in the eqaution. It does look a bit lean. And as we all know, fat contributes to flavor and moisture...
Hi Guys...

Thats the way I got it from Sam't Club...the fat wasn't that I made sure I put the fat cap down...and sprayed it more often than might be concidered normal...marinated it over night in a marinade I make for london broils I do on the grill...then used Cavender's and Tony's for seasoning...sprayed with 2 envelopes of an onion soup mix in a 24oz sprayer..used hickory for the wood...the taste was there...just not tender and it was very dry...any thoughts greatly appreciated..

Other than the Cavendars, I can't see where you went wrong? Maybe just a bad cut.

And from another thread, yep, got a big old pile of Cavendar's buried out in the yard. No offense, but it tastes like a Greek ass hole. (don't ask how I know)

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