yep started on smoker construction

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 30, 2007
texas , queensland
i have finally started construction on smoker prototype number one , i say number one because i want to build a more heavy duty one later when i source the materials , but the pipe for this one i picked up for 10 bucks and when i saw it i thought that is just asking to be made into a smoker . the oven will only be 36 inch x 20 inch x 1/8 inch thick , but it will be a big step up from the weber kettle . i have some 1/4 plate that i bought for another project, but that has slipped down my list of priorities and i will use that for the fire box , i saw an old dissused boiler the other day, right in the town where i live it was used in an old ice works many years ago it would make a massive smoker, but they won't part with it , i will take a few pics of it one day and post them here so you can see it.

Heck of a score on that pipe johno, cant find one for that price around here. That will make a nice smoker and it will last a long time. I would like to see a pic of that old boiler too. Keep us posted on the smoker progress.
Excellent start to a great project. Keep the pics coming as you progress.

Keep Smokin
Looks good johno!That will be a nice smoker. I ran into a good deal also when I built mine , I found a 120 gallon
air compressor tank at a scrap yard for 40 dollars.
Smokincowboy a hot water heater tank is what I made my first smoker out of. I cooked on it for 10 yrs and when I built the general I gave it to a friend and he is still cooking on it.
smokincowboy , a hot water system is exactly what i am using , they must be old ,because now they are made of copper , i got 2 large ones and one small one for 10 bucks for the lot , i called it pipe because when i cut the ends off thats what is was , i was going to use the ends for my smoker ends but then i decided i didnt like the shape of them , they were an irregular concave shape with a few humps in them and a few threaded fittings so i made flat ends instead , cost more for the bit of plate for the ends than the pipe did . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.