Yardbird and a Fatty

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You guy's have ruined me, according to my wife. She wanted me to grill some chicken for dinner tonight, but I jumped and ran over to Wally World and picked up some chicken quarters and a pound of Bold and Spicy Jimmy Dean. The whole mess is out on the small smoker in the backyard. The sister-in-law and niece are coming to spend the night (yuk! but gotta take one every now and then to keep the peace, plus they live 100+ miles away and the neice is playing in a fast-pitch tournament in Arkansas), and have dinner. Momma asked if I thought I would ever use the patio oven again.

Yup. Just a smokin!
Your Bit!! Damn smoking bug
Thats funny, got a high dollar gasser myself, use it for a warming anymore
Yeah. I even had the builder plumb gas around to the patio for that dadgum high dollar gasser just so I wouldn't have to mess with the propane canisters! I must admit, that's handy. Guess I can use it tonight for a warmer or a speeder upper the yardbird to ready status.

Side dish to include fresh off the farm corn (not smoked, but boiled), the last of last years cream peas vacuum packed in the freezer, and frest maters from Arkansas been chillin in the icebox.

Oh yeah....there will be a little whisky for me to endure the sis-in-law.....
Sister-in-law is here.
Whiskey is a pourin. Yardbird 'bout done. Fatty is comin off and I'm about to snack. They won't like it, so it will all be for me tonight and tomorrow for breakfast. Wish me luck.
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