y 2 state champs???

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larry maddock

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Sep 27, 2005
This one slipped by me.

State champion competitions are a "qualifier" for the mother of all championships, the Jack Daniels National Championship (I think I got this correct, and not the Great American Barbecue)

Anyway, the only way you get an invitation to the Jack is by winning a Grand Championship of a contest designated as a state champion (qualifier)

This "Professional" section of the Jack is around 150 teams. Thats because there is more than one state champion per state (geographically, not every competitor in one state would be able to make it to only one location, so there are several in each state). If you win GC at 2 different state championships, one may be given up to a Reserve Grand Champion, since you already have a spot at the Jack.

Now there is also a "non-professional" section to the Jack, in which about 350 other teams enter. I think last year was a little over 475 teams (both divisions).

Hope that helps clarify it Larry. I may be slightly fuzzy on the exact #'s, but thats the jist of it.

Noah, BobBQn, Minion? is this about right?
sounds like common sense--------
after a bunch of lawyers and judges got to it...

having more than 1 state champion--
in a particular event---
from the so called #1 society of the subject
demeans any title [or bragging rights one might have]
that they were state champions.

thats my opinion..

any one have a phone # for kcbs??
i will call them...

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