X-mas smoke

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Nov 12, 2006
Saxton, Pa.
what a feast this is gonna be. planning on a doing another turkey, 25# sectioned, 5 or 6 fatties, keibalsa, wings, even gonna try some scrapple.got 25 people coming over x-mas eve and they all asked the xyl what's mike cooking, smoking or deep frying, the wife sits back and just loves the fact that Big Daddy is doin the cookin.

gotta think about getting something gas for these long smokes these 3 am wake ups are killers
well the turkey is in the brine. cut off the legs and wings[will do them separate]. boned the breast. tommorrow morning, 4am, get them out and rinse then stretch the skin back over the breast and string her up.

this is off topic but thought i'd pass it on. went to giant eagle for some coffee and figured i'd go check out the MEAT :) as i was looking at the whole boned loin at 1.77 a lb here came the butcher with 3 full loin backs with bone, unenhanced, for 1.17 a lb two 23 # and a 17# needless to say i bought all three and now i'm loaded with loins, tenderloins,ribs,1" chops and some shoulder roast YIPPIEEEEEEEEEEE. my knives haven't had a workout like that in a long time

Hope to have some porn for you guys tommorrow....Sweet Dreams...
it's 5 am do you know where your smoker is? :lol: just stuck the turkey breast on, gonna be a good one, put the wings and legs on later. got four fatties and keibalsa and ring bologna that will go on about 9 or 10..forgot scrapple got so bent up on those loins that i plum forgot and the IGA isn't open today, oh well,, more porn to cum



here's the breast right before i wrapped it yum yum. the mutt already scarfed the wings the fatties look delectable, and the kieeeeeeeebalsa is going on next with the ring bologna



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