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I didn't hear anything! :roll:
Dont get excited guys,I was just testing getting my signature on my post.
Well shoot, dacdots if "Mountanieers Are Always Free" then I'll take a dozen!! :D
Dacdots.. I was starting to get a little worried. I know this is a testing forum but I thought maybe you was using some strange smoke and it was gettin' to ya! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well now that we know everything is ok.. test to your hearts content
Hi, TulsaJeff, where have you be hiding? We've missed you!
It seems I get busier and busier.. I appreciate all of you who keep this forum going strong and yes we do need a few welcome guys so thanks for that as well.

I am right at that point where I am trying to go full time with my web business and so I am working full time at my regular job and working all evening trying to take care of my websites and it seems there is not enough hours in the day.

I think 2006 is going to be a good year for me :D

I want to spend a lot more time in here and hopefully I will get that wish soon.. you guys keep things rolling and I will come in every chance I get.

Have a great weekend!
So does this mean that I'm an "Official Welcome Guy" now? :D
Hope you can spend more time here too Jeff. Will you Web based businesses let you eventually say "Adios" to you day-time job?
I am officially dubbing you "Welcome Guy" .. sounds like a great job and like you say someone has to do it. It is a position of great honour so wear the cape proudly and make all feel welcome! 8)

I am imagining a superman looking fellow only his cape has a great big "W" instead of an "S" 8)

Yes.. I will eventually say goodbye to my day job hopefully in less than a year if things keep heading the right direction and then I can focus on the important things in life like smoking meat for instance.
Congratulations on your new status, Dutch! Now, are you going to have a special color for your login and maybe a "Welcome Logo" like the caped hero with the "W"?
What do you think, Jeff? How can we set Dutch apart and give him his due?
All kidding aside I really appreciate your informative posts and especially your sense of humor!
Thank you for the congrats, Sir Monty. As to the special trappings of my slightly elevated position, I'll leave that up to the Boss.
Welcome back Tulsa!!! Good luck with your quest for "Webdom".

Seems both of us have been a little MIA, lately. I basically had to rebuild my computer................loads of fun! LOL!

My thanks to Earl, Bob, Bill and Monty (to name a few) who have kept the forum going!!

Jeff, I appreciate your recognition but you are thanking me for having fun, making friends and learning a lot about my favorite subject, food. Every time I log into this site I go away with a bit more knowledge and I take every opportunity to assist when there is something I can help with. This forum seems to have started off on the right foot with the proper intentions and has remained focused. Thanks for all your efforts! And thanks to everyone who makes up the forum.
Jeff, I'm just glad to be a part of this great forum and sharing what little I know with others :roll: . You and TulsaJeff got the ball rolling on this, and I appreciate what you guys have done. So, I don't mind taking my turn at keeping the ball rolling.
I'm always willing to step up to the plate ..... oh, wait.... it's not dinner time :oops:
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