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WSM running hot

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by ssb, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. ssb

    ssb Newbie

    smoking a boston butt on the WSM and can't keep the temp below 270.  all the bottom vents are closed, the acces door fits pretty good, and the water pan is full.  started it with only about 15 pieces of charcoal.  Top vent is full open.  Any thoughts, I've heard always keep the top vent full open.  Will cloing it down a little decrease the air available to the fire and cool it down a little.  I've heard WSM run hot the first could of run.  This is second time using it, still fuguring it out


  2. ssb

    ssb Newbie

    Update- running 260-270 for about 4 hours with all bottom vents closed.  Then closed top vent about 1/4 closed and it brought it down to about 250ish.  Once the WSM was in the shade(hour later) it cam right down to 230-240.  I think it was part because it was in the shade and part because its been going for awhile.  Its all wrapped in alum foil(still in WSM) and waiting for that 195-205 to wrap in towels and put in cooler. Slowly figuring it out.

  3. The first 3 or 4 smokes mine ran hot. It runs like a dream now.
  4. ssb

    ssb Newbie

    gives me an excuse to practice, thanks.  Its resting in the cooler with a towel.  I'll let you know how it turns out.
  5. ssb

    ssb Newbie

    Final result was great.  the finishing sauce was a big hit.  first time smoking a boston butt and the wife has already asked for more.  The WSM was a little hot in the beginning but once I got it going it ran for 16 hours on one 18lb bag of charcoal.  i know i didn't need that much but wanted to test and see how long it would run.  great results thanks to the info on this forum
  6. dave54

    dave54 Smoking Fanatic

    glad everything worked out