WSM lid temp out of whack

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by kase, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. I bought a WSM earlier this week, and I am doing my first smoke now. In getting it fired up, the lid temp was reading right along with the temp at the grate (via a probe through a potato). I tested the probes in boiling water and an ice bath yesterday, and they seemed to be within 1-2 degrees of where they should be.

    After getting up to temp, I tossed on my pork butt, and as soon as I put the lid back on, the lid temp went up to 250, while the probe measured about 205. About a half hour in, the lid temp was at 270, while the probe read hour and a half in, 245 lid, and about 225 probe.

    Anyone seen this before? Seemed bizarre for the lid temp to shoot up so much after putting it back on the smoker.

    Also getting a decent amount of smoke coming out around the lid - doesn't seem to be the tightest fit, which i noticed the other day doing a test burn, and a little worse with the two thermo cord coming through it now. Anyone done any mods to get a better seal between the lid and the body?

  2. bigsteve

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    I have seen similar temps in my Brinkman. Your Last couple of readings are similar to the differance between my grate and lid thermo.

    I don't have a WSM but I don't think the lid is supposed to leak.
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    With a few uses, the lid will get a build-up on it and will seal better. Also, check to see if the body is out of round. That happens frequently during shipping. If it is out, you can get it back into shape with a gentle prodding and pushing. For the probe wires, there are eyelets made that replace the grill strap bolts, The probe wires go through them so no pinching by the lid. BBQ Guru makes one type.
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    Or slip the thermometer wires through the access door instead of the lid.

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