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  1. hey guys. I have the ecb and really have started to enjoy smoking on it. the only problem i have is i think it is really built horribly. I can get a WSM 18.5 (used one time) for around $175. Im debating on whether i should finish the summer with the ECB or just spend the money on the 18.5 WSM.
  2. caveman

    caveman Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    If you have it, spend it. You won't regret it. TRUST ME!!!! [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. rickw

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    That's a killer price.
  4. what are the main differences between that and the ECB? with ECB i use Jeff's method and lift it to change coals when they go out. How do you change them with the WSM?
  5. I love my wsm.
  6. rickw

    rickw Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Using the Minion method (some call it the k.i.s.s. method) for most things there is no need to change out the coals. You get real long cooks out of one load of coals.
  7. caveman

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    The WSM comes in three parts. The lid, the middle chamber which holds the water pan & the bottom where the fuel is loaded. Now, you load as much fuel needed using the "Minion" method, then put it together & smoke. If you absolutely have to add more fuel, (This is so HIGHLY unlikely), but if you do, remove the lid, the middle chamber & add fuel. The WSM is a self contained unit meaning no open bottom to lift your unit off of the coals. The coals are encased inside the unit, located at the bottom for a better heat & smoke updraft. I hope this makes sense.
  8. caveman

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  9. you should be a Weber salesman. That summary is better than weber's web site. lol.

    Also, does it fit a lot of food, that is my main concern. My ECB barely fit one rack of baby backs.
  10. caveman

    caveman Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    LOL....just trying to give you the facts the best way that I can. I have the 22.5 WSM & recently smoked 2 whole racks of spares, laying down, on top. Now, I think you may have to cut the baby backs in half and / or use a rib rack for an 18.5 WSM but I am not so sure about that. Like I said, mine is bigger so I really don't know the answer. I am betting you could & get a better smoke than the ECB. Even if you had to half them to do it, do YOU think that would be a better smoke than what you get now? That is the question to ask yourself. The deal is great & the unit is worth it. I can vouch for that having one myself.
  11. chisoxjim

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    you can easily fit uncut slabs babybacks(or spares for that matter on the 18.5"

    2 down low, and 2 up top. Just curve them to follow the bend of the smoker on the oustide of the racks. Large bone portion of the ribs to the outside.

    typically i do 3 at a time, start 1 down low, and 2 up top, and after about 2 hours move the bottom rack to join its buddies on the top rack.

    With rib racks you can do alot more, i had a buddy do 10 slabs on the 18.5 using rib racks. 4 down low, and 6 up top.

    good luck with your decision.
  12. chicagochris

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    Wife got me an 18.5 WSM a couple weeks ago for an anniversary gift, and I finally got to put it to use yesterday.

    Did one pork butt, one turkey breast, one slab of spares + tips, and two large fresh polish sausage links on one load of Royal Oak lump & apple wood chunks. (11 hours all together).

    Good God, is this thing amazing. I can't believe I spent the last year of my life battling and fussing over my CG w/SFB.
  13. I think i might get it.... the only problem with ECB is even with minion method coals are dying on me. door is cheaply made.... i mean for the money you cant beat it.
  14. jirodriguez

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    You will love the WSM over the ECB.... super steady long burns with just one load of charcoal. It really is riddiculusly easy to use, once you get the temp dialed where you want it you can walk away and not worry about it. Just remember on the 18" you need to check the water pan every 3 hours or so.
  15. chisoxjim

    chisoxjim Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    not really, I can get 5-7 hours without checking.

    2 gallon water pan in the 18.5" works about the same as the 3 gallon in the 22.5".
  16. jaxgatorz

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    I put 2 gallons ( it holds 3 )in my 22 this weekend and cooked on it for 14 hours.Never added anymore water to it....Worked great.. In fact when i cleaned it out, it seemed to have at least a gallon of liquid left..
  17. hdsmoke

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    Yep. I only have done a couple smokes in the 3 hour range on my new 18.5 so far, but water level has never gone down more than about 1.5-2" in that time.
  18. njsmoker, Buy it -- NOW! [​IMG] Then send me your address and I'll come up from NC and get it. [​IMG] Rich
  19. caveman

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    +1. Same here.
  20. rickw

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    Use sand and don't worry yourself over the water level.

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