Wrap or No Wrap for Ribs

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Well, I think this thread just made me decide what to have on Fathers Day.
I've done both only because wife and son ask for FOTB. Over the years I have slowly converted them, lol, so I don't wrap. The only time I wrap now is when I give em a rubdown the night before.
Ribs are the most stress-free proteins you make. I've done many many different temps and times and never any complaints. The idea is to make everyone Think it's hard work when all you really do is toss em and temp em and enjoy the day however you like to enjoy your day.
Happy Fathers day to all you fine SMFers. Cheers!!!
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Depends on the time frame. If I have all the time I need, I go unwrapped. If I'm under the gun and need them finished faster, I wrap.
I prefer running ribs unwrapped all the way, but wrapping, when time dictates a faster finish, still results in a delicious end result.
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Wrapped rib with a clean bite. No FOTB here.
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