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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by k5yac, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. k5yac

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    My wife was looking through a Fingerhut catalog and we happened across this little jewel. How Funny! I don't mean to make fun of anyone if they are using this thing, but wow... smoking with wood (it comes with chips) in the house? Ok, I'm as hard core as the next guy, but if I have a choice I'm taking it outside. How about that price... only $80! We all know that we could have 2 ECBs for that price... or one ECB and some wood, spice and meat. I just couldn't pass up making fun of this thing. Maybe I just don't understand how versatile this gem really is, but I can't imagine that "it's the cook, not the smoker" applies here. I mean, is that a full rack cut in half... and it still barely fits? Too funny.

    "Fire up the stove (and the electric knife) mama, were having brisket tonight!" Remember... OTBS, it'll just take a little practice.

    Sorry if someone has already pointed this one out... but even so, it deserves a little poke whenever anyone discovers it.

  2. ajthepoolman

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    And look how easily it burns ribs! Every home should have one!
  3. kookie

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    For that price you can buy a pretty good real smoker whether it be electric or stick or propane.

  4. cman95

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    Come's for Barbie and Ken. Jeeze only 7.99 a month for 799 months.[​IMG][​IMG]
  5. coldjava

    coldjava Fire Starter

    WOW!!!!!! I'll take 2!!!![​IMG]

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