woohoo free wood

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Jul 18, 2006
Caseyville, IL
Ok so as some of you may know, here in the midwest we had quite an ice storm come through and demolish alot of trees, I infact was without power for almost 5 days.... well on the bright side of things, I have enough wild cherry wood to burn all year, not to mention a fair amount of apple wood...... and talked to some tree service guys today and they said they have all the hickory I could want........ WOOHOO, ok sorry, no one else i know would appreciate this, everyone thinks im being weird
Why can't I come across a deal like this??? Can you use it this year or will it need to season till next year?
Move to Missouri jaynik. We get a Spring and Winter supply. Tornados in Spring then ice-storms in the winter.

Good find MC! It has to go somewhere so we might as well get some good use out of it.
LOL, yeah its awesome, I went and bought a bunch of rubbermaid containers so I can cut it all up and organized in the garage. not sure on the seasoning, guess I will have to try it out and see
We were without power for 2-1/2 days and now cleaning up Cherry and Peach for the smoker.

Also had a lot of Redbud (spring floweriing)

Any one know if this is any good for smoking meat?
not sure on the redbud tree, I have a few around here myself.... I would have to say probably no, but ive been wrong before :) now the cherry and the peach, that stuff is great
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