Woods for smoking

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Jul 9, 2005
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Lots of different woods to use for smoking. I'm currently doing some eperimenting. Other than the conifers (pine, fir, spruce, redwood, cedar etc.) are there specific wooks that I should not use in my smoker???


Use only hardwoods like fruits & nuts, as softwoods contain higher amounts of resin which will leave bitter soot on your food. Don't use any painted or treated woods. I had a fellow ask about using Bittersweet because it was plentiful in his area. Through a little research on the Internet I found Bittersweet to be toxic to birds, cats, and dogs and recommended he not use it. There is plenty of information on the Internet for "common" woods used for smoking food, if you decide to try something different or exotic be sure to check it out first.
Jeff, I had the privilege of being invited over to a couples house this weekend for BBQ. He cooked brisket, chicken, and ribs entirely over peach wood in his Lyfe Tyme Smoker. Flavor was excellent. Coincidentally this is the first time I've ever eaten meat smoked with peach.
The only danger that I know of concerning Peaches is that the nutmeat if you eat enough of them can really make you sick and possibly kill you. :shock:
Thanks Earl.I've used peach a good bit and was concerned over the post.If anyone has any info on this please advise.I was tricked into eating a peach seed once when I was young and I can tell you they are very bitter.Thanks,David
Hey Dac, just look at the link in my post above, it explains the use of exotic woods such as peach, there are no adverse affects from using it, all it says is that woods like peach tend to lose their flavor quickly after being cut.
Speaking of eating the meat found in the Peach pit, I can remember when, as a youngster, we used to can peaches. On those days, Dad and all the youngsters (5) would gather the peaches on one day and start peeling and slicing on the next. Mom was in charge of canning. It was an all day affair.... aka from early morning until right at dark.

Obviously, with all those peaches to peel and process, there were lots of pits. I can't remember why in the world we did it but we sometimes cracked the pits and ate the meat inside. (We thought it tasted like almonds). I haven't suffered any ill effects from it yet but who knows.. mabey that helps to explain why I am the way I am now.... not sure what that means. Anyway, thanks for the posts.

Didn't mean to psyche anybody out about the Peach Wood! This was told to me many Moons ago by a respected Pit Master, and as such I did not agrue the point.

Peachwood is not a readily available commodity as is Orangewood here in South Florida.............therefore I have not had any true hands-on experience with it. It contradicted the Fruit/Nut association, but since he'd been Smoking since I was a Kid and his sage experience had taught me well...........I took it to heart and have kept it with me.

If others have used Peach with no Ill effects, I am glad to know it.

Hey SoFla.thanks for responding.As hard as it is for you to get peach wood,citrus is kinda scarce up here in West Virginia.The last citrus wood I used I grew it up here for two years in my house.I had about six grapefruit trees in my living room.When they hit the ceiling my wife insisted that I get rid of them,and I did,a little at a time.Thanks,David
Thanks Medicine Man, I knew the pits contained some kind of poison but I couldn't recall what it was.
Now that you mention it I do remember my grandmother saying something about a peach pit containing something poisonous but I never thought to cross reference it to this topic. Great catch Medicine Man. 8)
Anyone smoke with pistachio shells? How is the flavor? Also is Madrone any good. Here in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains we have quite a bit of Madrone. I have plenty of oak but am curious about these others. Sierra Smoke
I'm really glad peach is good cause I just bought a mess of peach wood chunks. Now I buy all my wood for smoking and I have a good supplier just down the road. They carry about 15 differant types of woods and I'm always tring new woods that they bring in.
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