Wood smoking in Alabama

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Original poster
Dec 23, 2006
Wetumpka, Al.
I am new to smoking and have no clue. I built a smoker out of wood and
want to smoke several deer roasts for Christmas eve. I need to know, at what temp and how long. Any help would be greatly welcome.
Welcome to the SMF bigkountry. I see you posted rather early. Although I can't answer your question, check the post PigCicles refered to. I'm sure someone will be in here soon with more helpful ideas.
bigkountry as a general rule of thumb you will want your smoker to hold a temperature of around 225º (200º - 240º). There are some instances where you may want to cook faster. But remember that good smokes are "Low and Slow"

If that don't do it for ya let us know. Good Luck

Keep Smokin
Welcome to SMF bigkountry!!! PigCicles has got ya some good temp. info so I'll just howdy.

Any chance of getting some pics of that home-built smoker? Loaded up with deer hams would be even better.
Seeing as how you have been given some great info, I'll just throw a "Howdy" your way too. I hope your Christmas Eve smoke goes as you planned. When the season slows up a bit look into signing up for Tulsa Jeff's 5-day eCourse. Look of good info there to keep on hand. If you sign up for the on-line course, it's free and ya can't beat that. Looking forward to your participation on the forums.

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