Wood Pellets and the GOSM

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Jul 7, 2005
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Last Sunday while I was getting ready to smoke some pork ribs I noticed that I was running low on hickory chips (I was down to two bags). My youngest daughter announced that she was headed to Wally's World (Walmart) and asked if anyone needed anything. I handed her the empty wood chip bag and asked her to pick me up 6 more bags. Two hours later she shows up back home and hands me three bags of wood pellets - 2 in hickory and 1 of oak. :roll:

Have any of you GOSM guys used pellets in your smoker box? If so how did you use them? Or are you like me and perfer to stick to wood chips and/or wood chunks?

Just wondering.

Earl D-
Earl i only use chunks in my gosm, never tried pellets. I dont like the chips they tend to burn up to fast
My best advice would be to return them. ( I hope your daughter saved the receipt). I concur with crazyhorse that chunks are the best way to go for the most consistent heat and smoke. I will occasionally place a layer of well soaked chips on the bottom of the box and then chunks on top. If you do choose to use chips, whether by themselves or in combination with larger chunks, please be sure to soak them in water for at least an hour before lighting, or they will disintegrate in no time.

Good luck & Great smoke!

Thanks Guys for your help. Yep- it looks like a trip to Walmart and since the one we go to is a Super Center maybe I'll pick up a packer brisket for
smoking on Saturday.

What kind of rub would be good for a brisket?
I have used those Compressed pellets that a person was sending out samples of on VWB, I was pretty impressed with the pecan ones.. and i use them all the time if i didnt have to order them:) im back to hickory chunks since i get a 5lb bag for $4.49
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