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  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm not sure if anybody here has tried this. There has to be a few maybe?? What I use from time to time are the shells from all the peanuts that I eat. I just save them in a container and when I want to use some of them I just soak them in water, or water with apple juice, apple cider vinegar and water. Either way it make a real nice smoke and brings a hint of peanut flavor into the meat I'm cooking.
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  2. bman62526

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    That's a great idea! What meats or dishes does this flavor compliment most?
  3. I've tried it on both Chicken and pork loin chops and it gave a nice and different flavor. Haven't tried it on beef as of yet. I will once my smoker gets built! Hope you enjoy it. I was also thinking that I should also save the other shells from nuts too! I'm thinking like Cashew Chicken! Pecan Beef Roast??
    Hmmmm making this Bear Hungry!!
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    I have personally not heard of using peanut shells but it doesn't suprise me hear you learn an awful lot of things. Thanks for the info

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